Lisbon Pop-up with friends

We have joined forces with Fatima Carvalho from Lisbon and Nikola Zach, who moved to Portugal over 16 years ago. We all do something very different, but more than ever we share the same values of creating something in the most sustainable way with an emphasis on high craftsmanship.

Greta wears our Jasmin Khezri summer 2024 collection

Nikola uses only deadstock towels and creates a terry beachwear collection that is loved by surfers around the world, she enjoys working in this niche which gives her the freedom to create only when she finds the perfect deadstock.

Fatima founded LACHOIX in 2018. She only designs flats, like the loafer, which was the first model created and immediately became the core of the brand. Produced in limited quantities to slow down the fashion cycle, the leather and other materials come from Italy, but all the manufacturing is done by the best shoemakers in Portugal, ensuring the best craftsmanship.

The Jasmin Khezri Collection is manufactured in Bavaria. We have 4 tailors and a directrice who are constantly working on current and capsule collections that are made to order through our online shop, No stock, just two collections and drops that come as we like, often in collaboration with international fabric designers.

We will have a pop-up in Portugal on the 4th and 5th of July, daily from 11am to 7pm at LACHOIX, Pátio do Tijolo, 1250-093 Lisboa.
We would like to invite you to our welcome aperitif on the 3rd of July from 6pm to 8pm and look forward to seeing you there.

A chat with Fatima Carvalho founder of LACHOIX

Fatima Carvalho founder of LACHOIX

IRMA: What was the initial idea to start your business?
FATIMA CARVALHO: I was looking for comfortable, stylish and versatile flat shoes like loafers when I stopped wearing heels. I thought, “If I can’t find it, I’ll make it myself”.

IRMA: What makes your product unique and different from others?
FATIMA CARVALHO: The design and modern approach to flats, defined by classic shapes.

IRMA: Where do you look for inspiration and new ideas?
FATIMA CARVALHO: Basically, everywhere in my daily life, travelling, magazines, exhibitions and my own needs.

IRMA: What is currently on your bedtime table?
FATIMA CARVALHO: Essential oils for better sleep and the book “Vemo-nos em Agosto” by Gabriel García Márquez.

IRMA: Your favourite spot in Lisbon to seek calm and relax?

IRMA: A shop you keep going to and always find something ?




A chat with Nikola Zach, founder of her eponymous brand

Nikola Zach


IRMA: What was the initial idea to start your business?
NIKOLA ZACH: Living on the Atlantic coast of Portugal and being the mother of a surfer, I spent hours freezing on the beach.
With the constant wind and frostbite, I wanted to use towels like the surfers do, but I did not want to buy new ones.
Having worked in fashion for over 35 years, it seemed the perfect combination to use towels to keep warm and look chic and fun.
Then I came across some beautiful new towels made in Portugal that had been thrown away because the season was over,
I had the idea to upgrade and change them. To reuse what has already been made, not sold and discarded, gives me a satisfying feeling of not adding to the ecological burden of our world.

IRMA: What makes your product unique and different from others?
NIKOLA ZACH: The use of discarded towels makes my pieces unique, and if you’re lucky I sometimes have 2 of the same style.
It all depends on how many towels I can get my hands on.

IRMA: Where do you find inspiration and new ideas?
NIKOLA ZACH: On the spot when I am looking for and on the towels.

IRMA: What is currently on your bedside table?
NIKOLA ZACH: My new book ‘Confession of a Kamikaze Cowboy’ by Dirk Benedict.

IRMA: Your favourite place in Lisbon to find peace and relax?
NIKOLA ZACH: Jardim da Estrela.

IRMA: Tell us your favourite food in Lisbon and where to get it?
NIKOLA ZACH: Sardines at Santos Populares, in Lisbon during Santo António.

IRMA: Is there a shop you go to all the time and always find something?
NIKOLA ZACH: Bettina e Niccolò Corallo, Chocolate Café, for coffee with chocolate and chocolate gifts.



Jasmin Khezri from Jasmin Khezri Collection