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JK from IRMASWORLD is giving it a try and cools down her system by 144 degrees for at least three minutes, the more the better.... Lindsay Lohan and a friend are regulars at KryoLIFE in Manhattan
JK from IRMASWORLD is giving it a try and cools down her system by -144 degrees for at least three minutes, the more the better…. Lindsay Lohan and a friend are regulars at KryoLIFE in Manhattan

NEW YORK: When I found myself in this round capsule on the 27th floor on Manhattan’s Upper East Side I thought, am I really doing this…. It’s cryotherapy where your body gets frozen down to -144 degrees Celsius for no longer than three minutes, and these days New Yorkers who want to perform above 100%, look stunning and never get tired do cryotherapy at least twice a week. It reduces fatigue, tones your skin and gives you that little extra everything that makes you perform better, look better and have the ultimate energy. I just had to find out more about it, especially because it is the best natural remedy against jet lag, and talked to Joanna Fryben, Co-founder and CEO of KyroLife, New York:

IRMA: What is the benefit you get from a cryo full body treatment?

JOANNA FRYBEN: Whole body cryotherapy was designed to reduce inflammation and pain. However, application of the modality revealed that it has much greater positive healing impact on the body. It effectively diminishes sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, cognitive difficulties. The stimulation of the immune system results in greater resilience to flu and common cold. The modality has been enthusiastically used by athletes for biological rejuvenation and decreased recovery time, but also improvement in anaerobic strength, muscle relaxation and improved range of motion. The treatment significantly boosts testosterone levels in men. When it comes to beauty benefits, improved skin tone and reduced wrinkles due to possible boost in collagen production are the main ones. Also, increased circulation, oxygenation and movement of the lymphatic system, which results in improved detoxification. Reduction in the appearance in cellulite and weight loss.

IRMA: Can you prepare yourself for the treatment at home, like for example drinking lots of hot water, etc.?

J.F.: Are you asking about how to survive the treatment? 🙂 If you’d like to feel less cold, a light, warm meal and a positive attitude may be the key. If you’d like to feel more intense cold, drinking cold water before helps. Besides, you should make sure that your skin is dry and you don’t apply lotions before the therapy.

IRMA: How often can you do cryo?

J.F.: You can do it even twice a day, some athletes do it even three times a day depending on the phase of training. We recommend one treatment a day for 10-20 consecutive days.

IRMA: Does it work against jet lag, and how / why does it work?

J.F.: Yes, it does, by moving the lymphatic system and improving circulation, which helps to decrease the stagnation of fluid after a flight. Whole body cryotherapy also stimulates the release of endorphins, dopamine and other neurotransmitters, which enhance the mood. It decreases overall inflammation, provides greater oxygenation and nourishment on the cellular level.

IRMA: Any tricks/ tips how to take the cold temperature “easier” or how about getting to like it?

J.F.: You can always bring your friends to distract you, or simply rely on our amazing technicians operating the device. Your positive mental attitude is definitely very helpful.

IRMA: What do you advise people whose skin hurts because of the cold treatment?

J.F.: Do you mean the prickly sensation on your skin? If it happens, it is short lasting and usually goes away with a quick bike warm up.

IRMA: Who is your clientele and why do they keep coming?

J.F.: Our clientele are people whose look, good health and physical shape are important for their work and performance – celebrities, actors/actresses, dancers, models, but also business people. There are many athletes coming to KryoLife looking for enhanced recovery, performance, relief from the strain-training regime puts on them. Many of our clients suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune disorders. Many of them are in pain. Most importantly, our clients are open minded, intelligent people who understand that all the systems in the body are interconnected and whole body cryotherapy stimulates most of the systems. They keep coming back because the therapy is effective, and they feel it.

IRMA: Which other treatments can you do at KryoLife?

J.F.: At KryoLife, we have expertise in what we do – whole body cryotherapy and local cryotherapy. We cooperate with doctors and physical therapists in Europe who have been successfully using this modality for over 30 years, and we bring over the highest quality equipment. However, you can schedule different types of massages and body work at KryoLife, we also cooperate with nutritionists, dieticians, doctors and physical therapists, where the whole body cryotherapy and local cryotherapy treatments enhance the effects of their work for the long lasting benefit of our clients.

IRMA: Is Cryo also a mood enhancer, if so, why?

J.F: Yes, the treatment relaxes you, releases endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, neurotransmitters responsible for your happiness. Reduction of inflammation will play a role here as well.

IRMA: Why is cycling on a bike important after the treatment?

J.F.: It enhances the treatment – kinesiotherapy is a part of the treatment.

IRMA: Does the Kryo Facial work also for large pores and uneven skin?

J.F.: Yes! And you will notice the effects immediately. We call it a “red carpet ready” treatment at KryoLife.

IRMA: Can you go in the sun and use make-up / cream after the facial?

J.F.: Absolutely, you are actually encouraged to use nourishing cream. The improved circulation will double the cream potency. Sun will not have any other than usual impact on your skin.

IRMA: What is your advice to do after a body & face treatment?

J.F.: Warm up, apply a nourishing lotion and enjoy the benefits of whole body cryotherapy. 🙂

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