Irmasworld-the label is now “Jasmin Khezri Collection”

Launched in 2021 and so far known as Irmasworld- The Label, the JASMIN KHEZRI Collection is an edited collection of everyday wear, featuring shirts, skirts and trousers. Reversible vests and jackets as well as dresses that double as coats, allow for multiple outfits while still packing and living light!

Founded by Munich based creative Jasmin Khezri, the inspiration behind the collections comes from her way of living. Many years in many countries, studies at Parson’s School of Design, her work in fashion, interest in the arts and a love of food and it is these multiple inspirations and a life of travel that she draws from for each collection.

Jasmin’s passion for creating quality pieces has also made her an advocate for SLOW and artisanal fashion, whose ethos was an integral part of JASMIN KHEZRI. The collection is made by a small team of seamstresses based locally in Munich, with the made-to-order business model aiming to create zero waste.

JASMIN KHEZRI collection is about creating pieces that are easy to wear yet elegant and just as perfect for an urban as well as country lifestyle, all produced with utmost respect for artisanry and sustainability.


First ideas


Our editor-at-large Stefanie Warncke spoke to Jasmin Khezri about it.

STEFANIE WARNCKE: Do we need another fashion brand?
JASMIN KHEZRI: For me it had to make sense and I wanted to come up with a concept that fits our time. We only produce each garment when it is ordered, either by our wholesale partners or by our customers via our online shop at
Producing in Germany with fabrics from Italy and France we avoid waste and storage.

STEFANIE WARNCKE: Where do you source materials?
JASMIN KHEZRI: We are looking for stock fabrics, that are still available, even in small quantities. If we only have a small quantity, we create a design that fits the material. Most of our buttons are bought from vintage dealers in Paris and we use off stock fabrics from the French fabric house Pierre Frey.

Julien dress, blue by Jasmin Khezri Collection, (see more)


STEFANIE WARNCKE: What is your background in fashion?
JASMIN KHEZRI: I studied one semester of Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design before switching into communication design at Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. I preferred to write about fashion and combine it with newspaper and magazine design, produce images for campaigns, rather than being involved in the process of making fashion, which takes half of the studies.
After working for many years as an art director for magazines and consulting creative director for various fashion and beauty brands I decided to design my own collection.


Small, but important. Details

STEFANIE WARNCKE: How do you develop ideas and projects?
JASMIN KHEZRI: Most of the time they happen by accident. For example, we started a knitwear collection because Angelika, a former assistant to Wolfgang Joop at Wunderkind, applied to us and suggested making knitwear for us. We thought of a direction that can be developed together with the team, also for other products, including different types of craft techniques.

We started with blouses and shirts because I think they’re a simple piece of clothing that everyone likes to wear, but once we had the pieces, I wanted to move on to matching pants and skirts and of course we needed jackets for Autumn/Winter.

We get a lot of inspiration from my Persian side. I’m interested in Persian traditional costumes, especially hunting clothes that the Persians used for horseback riding.

I love the oriental, Mediterranean inspiration and like to add functional design, comfortable fits and an emphasis on fabrics.


Knitwear No.29. Mixed Knits by Jasmin Khezri Collection, (see more)


Reversible veste. Rosé & lemon with belt by Jasmin Khezri Collection, (see more)


Final touches at our atelier in Germany


Seville blouse couture. Black striped by Jasmin Khezri Collection, (see more)


The talented Photographer Kiki Kassel shooting the 2022 Summer Collection for Jasmin Khezri


Veste Mustard by Jasmin Khezri Collection, (see more)




Scrunchies by Jasmin Khezri Collection, (see more)


Design. That’s how it all starts