8 sculpture candles

Polish your interior for spring with our selected candles that make you look twice not only if you light a fire. They are coming close to objects of art and are fun to decorate.
We selected our favourites that match your books, vase of flowers or simply make an impressive stand-alone object.
They can be the talk of the table when throwing your next dinner party or simply stand-alone sculptures that are almost to pretty to light.

IRMA’S favourites


DADA Daily, Baby Won’t You Light My Fingers? candle


Ann Vincent SSense Tan soy wax candle set


Aphrodite-Sojawachskerze_ Theara Collective


LOEWE Beetroot wax candleholder



THE S CANDLE by Maveahome


Theara Collective decorative and Scented soy wax candles


Matilda Goad & Co. ribbed beeswax candles


Candles from British Colour Standard


Edition 94. Swirl candles