IRMA’s Powder Room: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

MUNICH: I am very happy to introduce you to our new space on Isn’t it always great to meet interesting people all over the world who can give you some advice, a tip, an idea or just some great words on the way. Places like the elevator, a path in the woods, the metropolis or the powder room are the places where we meet. That is why we decided to call this space where we meet THE POWDER ROOM.

Recently I had the chance to talk to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the boutiqueMarion Heinrich in Munich where I had the pleasure to look at their Resort 2015 collection and to get some advice which piece is the MUST-HAVE FOR IRMA. We chose the perfect coat, light as a feather with an arm cut perfectly made so my hands feel and actually are always free to move, and a black mink belt which can be also worn like a tuxedo scarf.

Once you wear a garment by The Row you will want to change your entire wardrobe. Everything is most carefully tailored, all trimmings and lining are seamless and the materials used are the finest to feel on your skin. Each piece is well thought through. For example the shoulder bag can be transformed into a clutch by opening the clasp and turning it like opening a watch.

Whichever piece you choose, you will want to wear it forever and I really mean that. They have the perfect feel-good factor in combination with the best tailoring from Saville Row. I just love THE ROW, and thank you, Mary-Kate and Ashley, for great style and the pleasure of talking to you.