IRMAS March beauty edit

Here come our favourite products for March by the Irmasworld editors:



SISLEY´S latest Phyto blush (rose) that contain plant-based oils for a moisturizing and skin caring effect, give your skin not only a glow, but also a skin care boost. Combined with SO STRETCH MASCARA strengthening and lengthening effect in brown or black for an open eye effect. Use a candy coloured, striped fabric hair tie by irmasworld_the_label for a new and fun hair accessory in spring.
Plate by Irmasworld in collaboration with Beatrice Pedersen.



This body care duo by AESOP works wonders with a fresh scented body exfoliator, this body scrub prepares your skin nicely for spring. Followed by the Géranium body balm with citrus extracts, carrot oil and Aloe Vera.



There are many skin care products that contain the healing and anti -aging ingredients of mushrooms, we suggest eating your weekly dose of organic mushrooms by just adding fresh herbs, virgin olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper.
Why? Because mushrooms are a rich source of fibre, protein, and antioxidants.



Wear a lipstick, we love the latest vibrant colours by Hermès in coral red, or salmon orange. You only need to add a perfect foundation, for example the foundation stick by Gucci Westman for a quick make up in the morning.



With this ideal set by RAEBURN in collaboration with Aesop, contains a hand wash, a rinse free hand mist and an aromatique hand balm, perfect to fit in your handbag on the go.



We love oranges and lemons, not only for the vitamins against spring tiredness or a boost for our immune system, but also to balance our sugar and acid/ base regulation. Have some fresh water with a squeeze of lemon always beside your desk.



Did you know that fresh flowers have a calming effect on your mind? Like plants and trees. Always have fresh flowers around and a plant in your bathroom to clean the air and create a good atmosphere.



The latest book by GESTALTEN VERLAG, BE WELL is all about the culture and tradition of Spas’s and well-being. Great texts by American writer and editor Kari Molvar, who is also a contributor to T: The New York Times Style Magazine, where she covers beauty.



Comes in cubes by TEAM DR JOSEPH. This shampoo and conditioner in-one is a perfect cleanse for your hair. Contains Argan and Macadamia oil for shining hair and a natural cell protection. Use a drop of Argan oil on top by SPREKENHUS  to protect dry ends and also a drop to massage your scalp after blow drying your hair.
Hair accessory by irmasworld.