IRMA’s Holiday Edit

Summer in the city is fun, even when temperatures are rising but it is the time of the year when our minds are wondering, where to travel to, what to pack and which books to read under the parasol at the beach. We have the time to let our mind wonder, relax and think about new steps and new dreams.

That was the idea of getting together and launching a second edition of a temporary IRMA Shop concept in June.

The first one took place in April where the idea was to open IRMA´S Dressing Room, under the motto “share the best of it (your cloths)” curated by Jasmin Khezri, founder of . It took place in the private residence in Munich.

This time, it is about getting different talents together, matching one idea, the Holiday Shop.

Together we curated all the ideas that came to our mind when thinking about the best time of the year. With the same aspect, “share the best of it (your cloths)” , featuring Resort wear by Casa Nata and fine living accessories and architecture by Mela Gruber & Florian Dressler from Seven Elohim which was a perfect match to the clean design of bags and totes by Eva Maria Blum, the founder of Blumbag, who is known for her exquisite leather and cool designs.

Last night we celebrated with friends and followers at the Gallery space of Seven Elohim at Friedrichstrasse 1a, in Munich the opening of the 5 Day IRMA’s Pop Up, serving chilled IRMA rosé.

Come and see us.

We are open from 11.00pm to 6.00 p. m. and on Saturday from 11.00 – 4.00 pm

Bags by Blumbag, Missoni beach towels and vintage furniture swell as cloths by Irmasworld selection, a range of Casa Nata Resort wear.


Vintage Prada necklaces
IRMA´S Summer Collection of linen bags, T-Shirts and handprinted baskets and Eva Blum, founder of Blumbag taking orders.


During the shopping night chilled rosé by Irmasworld was served and added some summer flair to the night.


Eva-Maria Blum (Blumbag), Mela Gruber (seven elohim), Carolin Sangha (Casa Nata), Jasmin Khezri (IMRASWORLD)

Zoe grew up in Germany. Became a lawyer in Düsseldorf, fell in love with a film maker from NYC and left Europe to follow her heart. Zoe is working as a script writer in New York City, giving inspirational artistic counselling for artists, PR stories, photo shoots etc. . Zoe published two books, hosted a TV show, and is always open to any new experience that feeds her hunger for beauty and love. Zoe lives in New York City together with Rhett Butler, her Egyptian Sphinx cat.

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