IRMAS February beauty edit

February is the months where we slowly change our eating habits as some fruits and vegetables are coming back on the tables. Did you know that the vibrant red hue of tomatoes comes from a powerful antioxidant known as lycopene?
Antioxidants are what our skin needs all year round and especially when the seasons are changing.

At that time of the year, I still like to make hot tomato soup and season them with chilly and black pepper, maybe some cinnamon to give them a special seasoning that makes it fuller in taste. A hot soup is perfect to treat your skin from inside when it is done with the right ingredients.

But also, some changes in our skincare needs to be done. Now we like to add lots of rich hydrations on our skin, like:

HERMÈS, new lipsticks just dropped right in time for spring and the new colour names read beautifully to let you imagine the colour on your lips. Here come the names: Rose Nymphéa, Beiged`eau and Orange capucine, all packaged in Pierre Hardy, beautifully designed, colour coded lip stick cases. All shades have a slight glossy effect and feel hydrating and balancing on the lips.


ROYAL FERN, Phytoactive Rich Cream by Dr. Timm Golüke which has a strong nourishing and balancing effect on the skin. The cream contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C, which lets the skin feel and appear plumbed and well nourished. The innovative liposome technology, a Royal Fern Complex’s highly effective plant extracts and antioxidants are able to protect your skin against genetic and environmental cause of skin aging.


Add more colour to your eyes with the latest CLIMAX eyeshadow palette by NARS.
These high pigmented eye shadows give your eyes more expression, not only when wearing a mask. My favourite shade is open wide for its natural intensity.


At that time of the year, I go for different coloured Dattorino tomatoes from Italy that have already a good taste and are loaded with sunshine from the Ligurian coast. You can also make fresh tomato juice with them and season with black pepper and organic tabasco sauce , but watch out they contain lots of acid , so only use a hand full to get a glowing skin from inside.