Hello, Beautiful!

It’s the last week for IRMA’s Advent Calendar, and in our raffle today is a high-end skincare set from that contains a day cream, a night cream and an eye serum.

The set is from Ultra Face by Professor Werner Mang, who is renowned as a pioneer in anti ageing. The cosmetic-medical face care series works with hyalurone acid, urea and a vegetable based botox agent – a highly effective and innovative way to fight the signs of the time on your skin by bolster wrinkles and stimulating the renewal of cells in a unique way.

Send an e-mail to takepart[at] and win this exclusive skincare set. The lucky winner will be selected by drawing lots.

IRMA’s tip: This all-round skincare is perfect for every day and the eye serum is small enough to use it as much as you can think about it during the day.