Everybody knows the uncomfortable feeling when your favorite shirt develops kind of a life of its own, sliding out of  your skirt or trousers – just not staying where it is supposed to stay. Running around on a busy day makes the garment loose its form and position very easily and, on top of that, always leaves it wrinkled, appearing out of place.

Now finally, there is a solution to this. Mr. Bahram Zamani, who has been working in fashion business for a very long time and therefore gained great experience in the fields of both men’s and women’s wear, came up with a clever idea: designing a smart and helpful tool that will help you to maintain a flawless look and keep your shirt or blouse in place.

The BODYMAKER is basically a satin fabric string in the shape of a Y which gets attached to one of the lower buttons in the front of your shirt, goes all the way through your legs to the back where it gets attached on both sides of the shirt with two clips. That way your shirt is safely fixed – no sliding, no crumpling.

The BODYMAKER is invisible as it is worn inside trousers and skirts and transforms every shirt into a body to keep it in place. It comes in six different colours to fit your personal taste and your daily outfit and style choices. Wear it as you like and make a fashion statement with this practical fashion accessory.

I met Mr. Bahram Zamani and had a quick chat with him.

Mr. Zamani, what are the benefits of the BODYMAKER?
The Bodymaker is a practical addition to everyone’s wardrobe. It’s a handy tool that makes your day-by-day styling much easier and ensures you always look immaculate – doesn’t matter what. It’s an accessory that takes at least one of the many worries from people with a busy schedule.

Can you also change the shape of the shirt with the BODYMAKER?
The BODYMAKER does not change the shape of the shirt. It rather transforms it into a body to ensure that it stays in place. An absolute plus – opposed to the benefits of a body – is that it can be adjusted to any kind of women’s blouse, men’s shirt etc.

Could you wear the BODYMAKER also on top of jeans or trousers like a fashion accessory?
To be frank, so far we have considered the BODYMAKER only from a functional perspective, not from a decorative point of view. Experiencing that many people have had the same problems in finding a solution, I’ve rather focused on catering to their basic needs. Nevertheless, I am currently working on launching a second line that will include lace and silk to expand the styles and to turn the BODYMAKER into a must-have accessory that fits any possible occasion.

How comfortable is the BODYMAKER?
We have put a lot of thought in the development to make sure that the BODYMAKER is convenient to wear. We also have asked our customers about this and they all stated that you don’t even even feel the BODYMAKER while wearing it.

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