Grissini Fougasse by Photisserie

What is the ideal combination of Christmas food in times like these? Are the festive season all about decadence and opulence or should you stick to the bare essentials?
That was the question when I met up with Kathrin Koschitzki, a food photographer, stylist and chef de patisserie, in Munich last week, just before the launch of our Christmas pop-up, where I showed my 2022 winter collection – because personally, I think fashion and food couldn’t be closer together.
Kathrin is an experienced foodie who spent some time living in Paris, where she became a chef and has recently worked with the Gohar sisters, Laila and Nadia Gohar (read more in our earlier article, here ( )

We figured there’s nothing better than a good dough, i.e. bread, or in our case grissini with homemade butter and salt. The pure essence of good taste lies in the quality of the ingredients and, since Kathrin is also a fine artist, in the eye.
That’s why she chose the natural shape of a leaf and made a classic fougasse, fougasse. (fuːˈɡɑːs), a type of bread prepared with olive oil. Here comes their recipe and all you need to know for your Christmas dinner.


IRMA: What are the ingredients for GRISSINI Fougasse?
KATHRIN KOSCHITZKI: They are made with sourdough, flour, water, and fleur de sel.

IRMA: How would you best combine it?
KATHRIN KOSCHITZKI: I eat them just like that, as a little snack. But of course, you can dip them in your favourite butter or soft cheese as well.

IRMA: How did you get the idea, regarding the shape?
KATHRIN KOSCHITZKI: I love the French fougasse. It is a crispy and light version of it.


IRMA: How do you start a food project/ assignment, where do you draw your inspiration from?
KATHRIN KOSCHITZKI: I collect ideas first before I start to transfer them into food or recipes. those ideas usually come very easy on my mind. My biggest inspiration comes from art and nature.


IRMA: What will you cook for Christmas Eve?
KATHRIN KOSCHITZKI: We usually start with champagne and a big platter of small hors d´oevre so the kids can start unpacking and no one is starving. After that, the main dish changes every year. Dessert is always the same, a soufflé glace au Grand Marnier.

IRMA: Is there a tendency for how you will entertain your friends in the future? Will it be opulent, simple or a feast for the eyes, where should it go
KATHRIN KOSCHITZKI: Yes, I obviously love a certain amount of opulence but in a charming way. A feast for the eyes? Of course, always has been and always will be.

Hand crocheted rainbow shopper from Jasmin Khezri Collection