Featured in “The Most Beautiful Rooms In The World” by Rizzoli

Since 1920, Architectural Digest has celebrated design, beautiful homes, and products–providing endless decoration, lifestyle, and travel inspiration. With ten global editions, the magazine is an authority renowned for publishing only the very best of today’s interior design.
In this latest book, AD France’s editor in chief, Marie Kalt and the editors of Architectural Digest’s international editions have teamed up to thoughtfully curate a collection of today’s most exceptional interiors around the globe, and we are happy to be part of it.

Our home was never designed or had the intention to be groomed by an interior designer. We worked with the architect Kirsten Scholz to remodel and optimize some of our rooms, but most things found their place very naturally.

I used to collect furniture, art and objects from around the globe when travelling and I love textures and pattern design. The light of our apartment in Munich pretty much gave us a guideline for the lay out of the rooms and where to place which furniture, so that in the end we feel more than happy at home.

I would like to share some ideas of how I would create a space that makes you feel good.

Published in September 2020 the book “The Most Beautiful Rooms In The World” by Rizzoli shows our Livingroom and many more places from around the world, that will inspire you.


My studio is a very central room in the apartment. It is a wood-panelled room all around and has a wonderful view. As I am working mostly from home these days, I found that the wood has a very calming and energizing effect on my mood. Although there are many things piling up on the table and sideboard, I usually find an order in this disorder. I designed the table for a store in Tokyo and the many side boards are filled with my illustration work.


Many pieces of furniture we have received from our families. Whenever someone has moved or passed away, they found a way to our home. Quite often because nobody liked them, or they didn’t fit anymore. I try to see beauty in everything that is handcrafted from fine materials, like this desk from Denmark that I have turned into a sideboard for placing flowers. I find it interesting to give furniture a different function or a different purpose.


Our bookshelf looks colourful and lively, but I actually never find the book I am looking for because all of them are put on the shelf without a concept. I often use this wall as a background when taking pictures as I find this clutter creates its own pattern. In any case, books are the best interior accessory, and not just on your coffee table.


Our living rooms easily turn into a studio when we are working on a layout or book. I particularly like the golden lampshades from the 1970s that I found at an antique dealer in Cannes. They remind me every day of my favourite place in the world and the gold reflects the light beautifully. The stools come from my parents’ house and I had them covered with fabric from Hermès.


Fabrics are my passion; I sometimes tend to exaggerate and use materials which are far too illustrative.
The “chaine d`ancre” by Hermes is unfortunately no longer available, but I loved their pattern as it was a balanced mix of simplicity and vivid colour designs.


Art is essential in every living space and it should reflect your personality rather than just a good investment. I love the pencil drawings by Adriana Czernin, her work on paper harmonizes very well with other artist we collect and my own illustration art.


Our entrance space has no direct light and I wanted to use a colour scheme that is completely different to the other colours in the apartment. I owned the collage by Imi Knoebel first and the other pieces came together throughout the years. The latest addition is the vivid fabric by la Maison Pierre FREY, and although I don’t like perfect colour matches I love the expression of this combination.