Favorite bracelets by Tiffany’s


NEW YORK: When I was about fifteen I received my first silver chain Tiffany’s sea star collier which was at the time my biggest treasure. This was actually the beginning of a jewelry love affair which came along by watching again and again the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn. I observed every step she took, every move she made and how she wore her trench coat and her kitten heals. And of course when I saw her in the early hours on 5th Avenue, having a croissant for breakfast and wearing precious jewels (which were supposed to be Tiffany’s, but were not), I knew there is no one else who wears jewelry with such a nonchalance as Audrey and I decided that you can never have enough of them as long as they are from Tiffany’s.

The selection of precious bangles in yellow and rosé gold are just one variation of mixing it all up together. Don’t be afraid to wear them on different parts of your arms, around the arm wrist, the upper arm or just in between. They are perfect all year long and give your skin a golden tan just by the reflection. If you think that might be too much, just start with one, the finest, and I promise you will want more soon.

BANGLES ON FRONT SLIDER FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: T WIRE bracelet, 18 carat rosé gold with diamonds, ATLAS™ hinged bangle in 18k gold, medium, SQUARE BRACELET, in 18k rosé gold, medium, fits wrists up to 6.25″ in circumference, ATLAS™ bangle in 18k gold, medium.

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