IRMA wears a fake fur stole to keep warm
LONDON: This is the question whether we like it or not, but I think today we cannot go into a shop and buy a brand new fur coat, although their beauty and outstanding design makes me want to grab one and run away with it. But then you cannot wear it in real life, unless it is inherited by your grandmother or an original Revlon fur with a personal monogram stitching. Or from a brand no longer existing and you found it in a vintage store on Melrose Avenue.

So what to do when it’s cold outside and you are longing for something fluffy, soft and warm? Go for vintage, because the damage was already done¬†long before you were born and the cut and designs are outstanding. Aren’t designers always looking for vintage when designing a new collection?

Do not feel bad but rather wear your fur instead of hiding it. It is only a question of where to wear it. But that you know, I am sure.