Cold weather winter hair treats

Our hair probably by now developed a life of its own, after weeks of lock down, hairdressers still closed and harsh winter weather, the situation on our head is getting more and more serious. We had a chat with Thomas Kemper from Munich, who is well known for his classic approach towards hairstyling and most knowledgeable about natural hair care and colour.
For now, we can listen to his tips regarding hair care in cold weather conditions, and start making appointments, once he is back in business.

IRMA: Why do you think scalp care is so neglected in our daily hair routine? After all, it is the source of beautiful and healthy hair. What is your scalp care first aid tip?
Thomas Kemper: As a rule, the scalp is not easily visible first, so it is often overlooked. Basically, everyone should have a trusted hairdresser who can be consulted if they have any questions. It is as with skin care, so it is best to ask your hairdresser about the condition of your sculp and what can be improved.

IRMA: Did the hair care routine changed through Corona?
THOMAS KEMPER: You gave your skin and hair a break. No complex styling, no products. Sometimes even natural greasy hair which is actually good for some time.


IRMA: There are so many serums, oils and creams to nourish your hair and protect it against cold, harsh weather and dryness. How do I find out whether a cream, serum or oil is best for my hair?
THOMAS KEMPER: The thicker and drier the hair, the oilier it becomes. A serum is more suitable for fine hair, an oil for strong hair. Tip: Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective oil.

IRMA: In your opinion, what are the most caring shampoo and conditioners for the winter?
THOMAS KEMPER: Use hair care with a lot of moisture, for example Shu Uemura Urban Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

Thomas Kemper, ©Thomas Kemper Friseure

IRMA: Is there a way to refresh your hair after wearing a hat in winter?
THOMAS KEMPER: Before putting on the hat, gather your hair with an elastic band. After taking it off, open your hair and shake it out.

IRMA: Regarding colour treatment, is there a new technique or product that cares for both hair and scalp?
THOMAS KEMPER: Colour is basically never caring, but the “Inoa” color from L’Oreal is gentler on the skin because it does not contain ammonia. After the coloration, use a soothing scalp care, for example Le Sérum Revitalisant Fortifant from Hair Rituel by Sisley.