Breathe deeply, it’s good!


LONDON: Let the specialist of aromatherapy show you how to be in harmony with yourself and you environment when using Aromatherapy products. IRMA tried out some plant-based treatments and knows now that aromatherapy is about more than just good scents. Read her tips on how to take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy this summer.

  1. Lavender is a must – it can be used for sunburn or on insect bites to heal and soothe since it really helps to stop skin blistering. It also works for headaches.
  2. The Relaxing Massage Balm by Decléor is really non-greasy but still hydrating. I use it almost daily in the evening to relax after a hot bath and it helps me fall asleep just like a baby.
  3. Peppermint oil is great, especially against tired legs, as it is very cooling. It’s actually brilliant when mixed with the lavender as it cools the skin while the lavender heals.
  4. Exfoliating once a week is the best start for all aromatherapy and body oils, especially the Decléor. The fruit seeds scrub consists of three fruit seeds specially chosen to very gently provide the skin with optimal exfoliation: acai seeds, argan shells and orange peel. Combined with an aromatic cocktail of essential oils, these three natural particles leave the skin soft, supple and silky.
  5. Relaxing shower oil is a perfect start in the morning to waken all your senses. Decléor has drawn Ylang Ylang essential oil with relaxing benefits and tonka bean essential oil with softening properties from nature to do all good for you.
  6. Essential oils work most effectively when you put a few drops in the palm of your hand and wrap them against each other to warm them up slightly. Make sure your skin is well cleansed and prepared for the most effective usage.
  7. Pick your favorite essential oil – mine is red mandarine – and use a drop behind your ears instead of perfume. That way you will enjoy your favorite scent and even make an effective usage. Red mandarine oil is a cheery, uplifting, soothing oil and is particularly good for calming the nervous system.


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