Body Conscious in January

Maybe you’ve just returned from a ski holiday and feel ready to start the new year, or your body feels sluggish and already tired from all the partying over the holidays. Either way, these products make January skin and body care effective inside and out.


RETTERSPITZ Mount Olympus Tea

A blend of aromatic lemon spice, notes of Greek conifer and pine, soft and round, strong and deep in flavour, keeps the body alkaline. Hand harvested during the peak flowering period in July/August for the highest concentration of polyphenols by a traditional family business on Mount Olympus.


GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Body Polish , Niche Beauty

Now your skin needs a good exfoliation. This Glow Exfoliator exfoliates, cleanses and moisturises. Salt, micro-exfoliating minerals such as quartz, garnet and hydrated silica, and hibiscus flower acid remove dead skin cells while the cleanser foams beautifully on the skin and cockatoo plum seed oil moisturises.
Skin feels baby soft, smooth, perfectly clean, supple and radiant. The pleasant scent of juniper, pine needles, vetiver and oakmoss has a wonderful effect in the shower, and the combination of exfoliators, cleansers and moisturisers feels incredibly good on the skin.



The perfect boon for your body after a sporting holiday.
Treat pain in muscles, tendons and joints and massage a five to ten centimetre amount of the cream into the affected areas three to six times a day until the cream is completely absorbed. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying. Also suitable for the neck and lining to relieve tension.



Take a trip to Brazil as you pamper yourself in your bathroom with this visibly firming body cream with the irresistible scent of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla. This body cream has many benefits, to name but a few: It helps to visibly smooth and firm the skin’s texture, thanks to the potent, caffeine-rich guarana extract. The fast-absorbing cupuaçu butter hydrates the skin with essential fatty acids, making this cream incredibly moisturising, and is enriched with Brazil nut oil, the world’s richest food in selenium, which supports the skin’s natural ability to protect itself and gives it the glow of healthy-looking skin. Use the Sol de Jeineiro scrub beforehand for an even better result.


SISLEY Neck Cream

The best time to care for your neck is in January, when your neck is covered by a soft cashmere scarf. Use SISLEY’s rich neck cream to tone and refine your neck, which thickens as you age, for a more defined contour. It combines four key actions to maintain the beauty and youthful appearance of this delicate area. 1. instant “lifting” sensation Oat seed extract, active ingredient of the “3D Toner”, creates an instant “lifting” sensation. 2. intensive firming effect soya fibre extract. 3. unique refining action caffeine with red algae and horse chestnut extracts. 4. moisturising and nourishing effect.



SISLEY Intensive firming bust compound
This also applies to your bust. Start with a course of treatment in January and you will be satisfied with the results in June.
This intensive, visibly firming bust compound enhances the beauty of the bust, a particularly fragile and sensitive area. The formula provides an immediate firming effect with oat seed extract, which smoothes the décolleté and exerts a temporary “tightening” effect on the bust. The phyto-complex of plant ingredients as well as shea butter, sunflower oil and glycerine of plant origin moisturise, nourish and beautify the skin’s appearance. The fresh texture is quickly absorbed.
The skin of the décolleté is visibly smoothed and appears firmer.