Best Moisturizing Skin Care tips by our Beauty Editor

At this time of the year, when winter is just about over and spring keeps me waiting, my skin is really unhappy, that means: dry zones, small pimples and red spots are all over and so it’s time for some moisturizing to keep the skin calm and balanced again.
For me moisturizers are more than skin care, they are like little lifesavers. I apply them in the morning, carry them in my handbag and also use it as an intense treatment.

Moisturizing skin products. Team D. Joseph, Biotherm, Aesop, Royal Fern by Dr.Timm Golüke, Sensai, Augustinus Bader


The most important thing on the new moisturizers is that they not only nourish the skin, but they are also anti-aging experts and help skin to protect its own moisture and lipids again. I always search for effective plant extracts, natural hyaluronic acid in combination with innovative anti-aging ingredients like amino acids, polyphenol, plant peptides or stem cell technology.

In my morning routine these days I do not wash the face, cause the water is just increasing dryness. So, before I apply my day cream, I massage a small amount of moisturizer onto my face. Directly after that I use my cream and get dressed. So, all the layers can sink into skin before I use my make-up which is oil-based.

There is no rule to moisturize your face, only in the morning and at night. IRMA takes a dip into hydration whenever her skin feels dull and dry.

When I am in the office it lasts only a few hours and I can feel the dryness on my skin again. Cause of heaters and air-condition the skin looses its dampness and so it needs some help again. A light serum is now perfect, because you can apply it over the make-up by just tap it in with your fingertips. This gives you some extra glow!

In the evening and after cleaning my skin (I use just creams and milk in winter which I remove with a tissue) I apply a big amount of a rich moisturizing cream and leave it on the skin as long as I am awake in bed reading or watching my favourite TV series. When I am tired, I massage it into skin and lay my head down on a silk pillow which should be changed every three days. I know this sounds unusual but is definitely the best for dry skin! Try it out and you will believe!