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IRMA’s most favorite ambuja product for the cold season, perfect as a Christmas present
IRMA’s most favorite ambuja product for the cold season, perfect as a Christmas present

Here’s part two of my interview with Mr. Frank W. Legart, scientist and founder of Legart Forschungsatelier, the think-tank lab company that has masterminded the 8 product creations of AMBUJA.

What I like most about ambuja is that you only have a few but absolutely efficient products which target elemental skin objectives to enhance perfect skin functions.

“We try to pursue the problem of each skin type very specifically. Because we believe that you can experience various skin conditions or light irritations at different times and different skin types. We do not focus on skin types at all, but functional helpers for different or even similar types of skin. For example, adolescent acne can occur on oily, dry or even sensitive skin. Therefore we treat acne and hydrate combination skin at the very same time by applying two drops of charisma elixir to tone, even, retexturize, desensitize skin and promote vibrancy all at once. Because all our formulations are loaded with the highest amount of organic bioactives, the skin will always take what it needs and our customized bioactive ingredients can even evolve once the skin has soaked these goodies in.“

How can I use ambuja even more efficiently?

“You can tap the product into your skin with your warm finger tips. Some products like for example dewdrop elixir, our moisture infusion, can be kept in a refrigerator for best results. The cool temperature of the fridge makes it chilly and gives even a reduction of swelling when used on a long winter day outside, providing you more pleasure and comfort sensation in the stressed winter skin.”

And if I want to change the smell of the product?

“You could use a high-quality, cold-pressed essential oil, like for example mandarin, elemi frankincense or rose and add it drop by drop to your face cream.“

What are your favorite ingredients in a beauty product in the most general sense?

“Organic, raw, green coconut water, because it is rich in amino acids and potassium, lotus cell water because it is full of antioxidants and rebalances irritated skin, nebeday peptides because of their purifying and shielding effects against pollution, amlaki, a superfruit, the Indian gooseberry which is extremely rich in natural vitamin C and last but not least SOD, a super enzyme which neutralizes free radicals and leaves the skin healthy and radiant looking. I extremely love the so-called biomimetic peptides which nature has given birth to.”

What kind of beauty products will we use in the future?

“I think that people will look more and more for super natural and pure ingredients that are not processed and the skin really needs and understands or even already knows. In this case a more high-quality product for more impact and effectiveness.”

Thank you, Mr. Legart. I think your answers will make people think twice when buying a new beauty care product in the future.

AMBUJA is sold at POOL and Hautnah, Ludwig Beck in Munich, breathe in Berlin, Hamburger Hof Apothecary in Hamburg… Düsseldorf…Vienna… London… New York.