Bauer Palazzo, Venice

With its glorious Art Deco lobby, and classic chandeliers-and-brocade look elsewhere, the Bauer Palazzo is a Venice luxury stalwart that is the perfect place to enjoy your days in Venice.

Tapestries covered walls, traditional venetian windows, Rubelli fabrics and handcrafted details are the signature of most rooms at the Hotel Bauer Palazzo, at the heart of the city, facing Campo San Moisè on one side and the magnificent lower reaches of the Canale Grande on the other.

The hotel consists of two adjoining, but distinctly different, palazzi – one constructed in the 1940s containing the spacious marble-clad lobby and a grand staircase that wouldn’t look out of place on an ocean liner, and another 19th-century faux Gothic construction.

Venetian elegance, grand Murano glass chandeliers, intricate stucco ceiling decorations, antique furnishings and gilded mirrors create an elegant atmosphere and if you are searching for more pampering cross the Giudecca canal to the Palladio Spa hotel, which is part of the same group or enjoy a lunch on the hotel’s terrace.

If you are more for drinks and Aperitivo, head on the top roof bar Settimo Cielo for your Spritz or Bellini with a stunning view.

The Bauer has the perfect location, a private jetty where you can take off with water taxis.
You feel and sense the traditional manufacturing, Venice is known for since hundreds of years.

A room towards the canal is worth the stay as you feel like at the heart of Venice with all the merchants and taxis going from A to B.


Our view from room 106/107 facing the Canale Grande.


Tapestries and traditional fabrics in woven silk are the hotel’s signature style.


Feel the heartbeat of the city when looking out of your window.


Lunch at the De Pisis Restaurant restaurant on the terrace.


The hotel is furnished with antiques and objects from the golden area of the city.


The lobby is almost like a museum. With a golden wall painted land map and different creations of Murano glass artwork.


The hotel’s private jetty makes transportation easy and fast which is a luxury in Venice.


Feeling the essence of Venice.