Back to work

It’s easy to keep the good feeling going for as long as possible with these eight quick steps. .

1. Enjoy as many meals outdoors as you can. Eating and sitting in the garden or on the balcony not only calms the mind, but also strengthens the immune system for the coming autumn. Eating outside is a great experience because the aromas and scents of herbs are much more intense, and listening to the grass moving in the wind and the birds singing is the best way to calm down and relax while eating.


2. take your favourite drink (non-alcoholic) with you into your office routine. I love the Caffè shakerato Pellicano style at Il Pelicano and treat myself to this shaken espresso-milk cocktail after lunch before I go back to work. The taste not only gives me new energy, but also reminds me of a wonderful summer. RECIPEE: a cold coffee drink where a long shot of espresso is shaken vigorously in cocktail shaker with sugar and ice and poured into a martini glass.


3. Take some of your holiday wardrobe into your office wardrobe. Be it a colour combination or a favourite tunic. Summer clothes made of natural fabrics are a boon for your skin and inspire you to come up with styling ideas that exude energy and good humour.


4. Copy some interior design ideas from your holiday destination and bring them into your home. Make sure they match. One idea is to take plants home and decorate them in beautiful porcelain or ceramic pots, simple but very decorative.


5. use up all your summer care, which will also remind you of your holiday. You can also use them for travelling if you only have hand luggage.


6. wear natural knitwear that will keep you warm and comfortable but soft enough to be worn on bare, tanned skin. You can find our selection of organic cotton hand-crocheted knitwear here.


7. Pick up a cookbook from your holiday destination and recreate your favourite dishes. It’s often a healthy way of life, simply prepared and tastes delicious.


8. create your own personal travel souvenir wall with our wanderlust travel poster collection that will remind you of a time away all year round. Browse the gallery here.