Andrea Sham, the unconventional patissiere

Andrea Sham creates food in a very unconventional way. She is inspired by nature and is the go-to person in Paris when it comes to catering for any fashion event.
We chatted with her over a cup of Earl Grey tea.

IRMA: How does the place you work and live inspire you for the outcome of creativity?
ANDREA SHAM: Right now not much ;), as I’m in the city.
I used to live in the suburbs near Paris, in a place quite green, with a forest and a garden and few beautiful parks with old monuments all around.
I came back to Paris since almost two years and I’m looking forward to moving to a greener and calmer place.
I feel very inspired by nature and all the imagination and beautiful feelings it provides.
Paris is inspiring too though. Here I can visit very beautiful buildings and taste amazing food.
But when it comes to creativity, for me is all about my connection to nature and the invisible.

Tulips, Andrea Sham

IRMA: How would you describe your work?
ANDREA SHAM: My work is organic, never the same, never straight – even when I try very hard!
It is also about acceptance of what I have around me.
I feel as a channel as most of my inspiration comes from within. It can come by images, desires, emotions, feelings.

Fruit pie, Andrea Sham

IRMA :You work for a lot of Fashion clients. How do you start with a project when doing collaborations like this?
ANDREA SHAM: We discuss about what kind of ambiance the client would like to have, plus very practical questions: How many people, the place, time, budget. They send me their mood board if they have one and then I make my own mood board with my own inspirations and what kind of food I feel to provide.

Bird cake, Andrea Sham

IRMA: You combine art with food, where do you draw your main inspiration?
ANDREA SHAM: Nature, any kind of art, old cartoons like soviet ones, fashion, fairy tales, also other chefs’ creations.
I’m good in making connections between different objects and popping something new out of it.

IRMA: Your daily breakfast is…..
ANDREA SHAM: Coffee and croissant

Rouleaux peint, Andrea Sham

IRMA: Your tip for the easiest and quickest sweet treat as a desert, please.
ANDREA SHAM: When I’m lazy, I make myself a sort of milkshake. Ice cream + biscuit + oat milk or / and coffee
Sometimes I blend it and I have a milkshake, sometimes I don’t and it’s pretty good too!

Andrea Sham, Photo ©Guillaume Jandin