All about the space in-between ( your teeth )

When it comes to dental care, all of us are thinking about brushing well your teeth with the right toothpaste. That’s good to start with, but don’t forget the spaces in-between.

Most of us know about the importance of a good oral hygiene. For me my daily morning and evening routine (yes, I do only brush twice) is about brighten and whiten, brushing and flushing. My teeth are in an excellent condition, that’s what I thought, and I always use different toothpastes for different needs. But my last visit at my dentist revealed the truth: He told me that he sees, that I do my best for cleaning my teeth, but that I wouldn’t think enough about the interdental spaces. And he is right. I use floss just once a week or after eating strawberries or a bagel with poppy seeds.

But this little gaps between each single tooth are really important, because even if they are small, still they have enough space for bad bacteria, plaque and leftovers. So here are the steps to really clean teeth and in-between:


  1. If you want to use floss do this before brushing the teeth. Use a small piece of 40 centimetres, wrap each end around your forefinger and clean your spaces.
  2. Brush your teeth for at least three Minutes with a system: Every single tooth outside, inside and at the surface.
    The AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste from NuSkin fights against plaque formations and brightens the teeth.
  3. Flush out with warm water to remove leftovers and tooth paste
    No plastic: The products from NatureNerds – like this natural silk floss with candelilla wax – are plastic free and refillable.


  4. Use an oral irrigator ( like water pik ). Because it removes more than 95 % of leftovers after brushing your teeth
    This Waterpik Whitening Flosser WF-06 is a real cleansing and whitening pro , use at least twice a week


  5. Visit your dentist twice a year for a control and for a professional dental cleaning


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