A T-Shirt: an homage to Karl Lagerfeld

I remember when I was working as an Art Director for the German edition of Marie Claire and Karl Lagerfeld was the annual guest editor-in-chief for the Christmas issue.
Tons of photographs, sketches and illustrations were send from Paris to our art department  in Munich and it was great fun to create a lay out and story with the editorial team.

Red shoes by Chanel

At this time his pastel coloured illustrations had such a romantic impact that I bought also some pastel chalks and started sketching again.
He was a master in making you want to do something or getting indulged by something he created and you wanted. The way he put colours, patterns and accessories together made you crave to go on and play with fashion, with life…
His last spring/summer 2019 Collection, where models walked along a fake beach side in the Grand Palais was the perfect moment of being at ease, letting go and just enjoying a fashion moment.

IRMAS STUDIO created this T- Shirt, with an illustration art by me as a homage to Karl Lagerfeld.


“Homage to Karl” T-Shirt by IRMA Studio

IRMA wears his signature big Typography CHANEL earrings and the iconic straw hat and of course red lipstick No 416 COCO.  SHOP THE limited-Edition Art T-Shirt @irmasworld/ shop