Ahoy! The Seafarer jeans guide


The Seafarer is a jeans brand with a long and proud history. It was founded in Brooklyn in ca. 1900, originally supplying jeans to the U.S. naval forces. In the 60s and 70s, the bell-bottomed vintage jeans were discovered as a bohemian piece of clothing, and style icons like Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot and Farrah Fawcett made them fashionable.

The Seafarer brand was relaunched a couple of seasons ago, and creative duo Angela Biani and Chicco Barina is bringing a fresh new wind into this classic label. IRMA was intrigued and asked them for a  quick jeans guide for the spring and summer season:


Favourite item to wear with your jeans?
Definitely a classic white t-shirt.

Flats or heels with your jeans?

How do you style your casual jeans for instant elegance at night?
Playing with accessories is always a good option to style you casual jeans for the evening.

Which shades of blue hues are best this spring?
Depending on the method of dying denim will result in different shades or casts: We love black and red cast denim!

White jeans, a classic but always difficult to wear. How would you wear them?
With a cool chambray shirt.

How do you wash your jeans?
Taking a shower together 😉

Your favourite vintage shop in the world for jeanswear?
The famous Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena is always worth a visit.

Which place is great to look for casual inspiration?
We believe in finding the best inspiration in the streets all over the world

How can you personalize your jeans?
Use it a lot and appreciate natural time signs.