A perfect match


ANTIBES: What does a cup of fresh mint tea have to do with  the Hermès Filet d’Or golden loops? Not much except that we think that they go perfectly together and these two objects let me dream of either the French Riviera or an afternoon in Marrakesh. The fresh mint tea is a great refreshment when it’s hot outside and the fine golden loops which have been designed by Pierre Hardy are as light as a piece of jewellery has to be when it is hot and humid.

The first piece of Hermès jewellery, the Filet de Selle, was created in 1927 and is the inspirational idea behind the autum/winter collection 2015. Pierre Hardy took the idea of the bridle a step further and made the entire collection in rosé gold in a very fine line.

The mint tea was served in the Rallye 24 collection cup and plate and we suggest to chill down the freshly brewed mint tea and infuse it with some lime or rosemary. Put the tea in the fridge for at least two hours and serve it with a few drops of Manuka Honey.