A Dress from Paris


Paris: We have seen so many beautiful dresses in Paris during Fashion Week and now it’s time to edit and see which dress works best for whatever reason. IRMA picked the ones she finds irresistibly beautiful and here are her top six reasons why each one of these dresses will be in her wardrobe this coming season.


SAINT LAURENT: In this dress you do not even have to dance, you feel happy anyways. There is something about dresses that have a petty coat sort of lower part.

VALENTINO: If you do not feel like wearing make-up or jewellery, just wear this Valentino black & white graphic dress. You will be an instant fashionista.

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI: Floral prints on fine chiffon and silk material are always a go, even on cold and grey winter days, especially when you wear them with shoes that put a contrast next to them.

CHANEL: Finally back in town: the classic suede shirtdress that can be worn every day in any kind of way. The good thing about the shirtdress is that you can wear it also as a light coat when opening the front buttons.

LANVIN: My favorite dress for winter will be loose, cosy and hold into silhouette with this stunning bust belt, which makes it like a shield of an armor.

VALENTINO: White dresses in winter are already a statement. They have a certain transparency, which makes them fragile, and at the same time very elegant.

IRMA wears her favorite dress by Lanvin A/W 2015 collection
IRMA wears her favorite dress by Lanvin A/W 2015 collection