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JK for IRMAS WORLD with Dorothee Schumacher

BERLIN: Dorothee Schumacher’s show is going in the right direction. Every season she brings it a step forward but is still keeping her key elements strongly through each piece. This time it looked like every outfit had been done completely from scrap and put together to make the model just look beautiful. Dorothee Schumacher still puts an emphasis on pattern design and breaks it with monochrome looks like the black knitwear silhouette dress or a total red top and skirt to make the entire collection different in each way.

I had a quick chat with Dorothee Schumacher right after her show:

What makes this show so significant?

The mix of everything we are known for: different patterns, beautiful shapes, layers and lots of different accessories.

Will we see more accessories in the future?

Yes, we will have a wider selection of shoes and bags. Accessories are as necessary as the clothes in each outfit. We enjoy mixing and matching each look to make a statement and have fun with it.

Dorothee Schumacher Show

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