Your Flight is Delayed? Don’t Worry!

We have all been there. Unfortunately, it always happens when time is especially valuable. For example, at the start of a long-awaited trip.
Here are eight useful things to do when you’ve missed your flight or are waiting for another delay:

Charge Your Phone: Find a socket and charge your phone. Use this time to clean up your photo app, delete unwanted pictures, clear out WhatsApp messages, and respond to long-overdue emails.

Reconnect with Friends and Family: Call friends and relatives you haven’t talked to in a while. Spread some kindness and love to those you haven’t seen or spoken to recently.

Pamper Yourself: Look for a hairdresser or airport spa for some beauty care. Check first-class lounges or your airport directory for available services. If there are no beauty facilities, visit a makeup counter for a consultation and maybe a makeup refresh.

Shop for Gifts: Think about upcoming gift needs, like Christmas presents. Airports often have a wide range of fashion brands and duty-free delicacies and perfumes to choose from.

Grocery Shopping: Stock up on local delicacies, wines, spirits, and chocolates at the airport. Plan ahead for your next cocktail party by getting your home bar stocked from the duty-free shop.

Plan Your Trip: Make a travel schedule and research places to visit at your destination. Book tables, clubs, and deck chairs at your favorite beach spots. Be your own concierge and feel like a local upon arrival.

Meditate and Stretch: Find a place to meditate. Most airports have prayer rooms that you can use for stretching, deep breathing, and some yoga asanas while you wait.

Explore Travel Deals: Visit your favorite airline’s counter to find new destinations and the best deals for your next holiday. Enjoy travel shopping and get inspired for your next adventure.