Winter Road-Tripping IV with Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge to the Swiss Alps

A voyage by car might lower your carbon footprint or just makes traveling what it originally was, taking time, exploring and enjoying all the way.
That is exactly what we did when taking the Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge for a road trip first to Pontresina and St. Moritz to enjoy a few days of alpine skiing, walks in the Rosatsch Valley and dine & wine in our favourite restaurants, the Kulm Country Club and for the Aperitivo and pasta (La Scarpetta) in St. Moritz.

Road trips have many advantages, especially if you have to take a lot of sports equipment and clothing with you for different occasions. And remember that you could spontaneously choose to continue your journey.

I dont know how I will manage to drive another car after this road trip.

We took the road to Vals for the second stage of our trip. I always wanted to visit the famous Thermal Bath in Vals which had been reinterpreted by Pritzer-Award winning Swiss architect Peter Zumthor in 1996.

This place is almost like a temple placed in a beautiful alpine environment in the valley of Vals. Its ground-breaking architecture and the open mindedness of its people paved the way for the world’s most famous architects to build in Vals. By now you will find works by Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma, Peter Zumthor and Thom Mayne, to name a few. The 7132 Hotel and 7132 House of Architects is the best place to experience this.

If you think that a Rolls-Royce GHOST Black Badge is not perfect for a ski trip you might be wrong. Putting your skis on rack allows plenty of space for your luggage.

I addition Vals stands for local produced fine foods like cheeses, meat and of course one of the best mineral water in Europe.

It is exactly that contrast of alpine skiing in St. Moritz and the art of just bathing in the Thermal Baths, resting, reading and indulging yourself with organic, authentic local food, that made this trip so very special.

It was a visual journey where the eye travels from the all black signature matt Ghost black Badge Emily to the beautiful fresco pattern paintings on the traditional Engadin houses in Pontresina.

Of course, you can choose any car for this trip, but traveling with the Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge was an experience that underscored the essence of the entire road trip.

The grand dining room of the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina takes you to a different time when people stayed from January until March in the Engadin.

A pretty sporty way to get from A to B. All the luxury of traveling with a car that is built to the highest standards of craftsmanship and technology: from the spacious interior to its effortless power, the quiet gliding to the amazing sound inside (each Rolls Royce type has its own developed sound system). A really unique experience.
If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can rest in spacious, comfortable seats in the rear and dream under the starry Starlight headliner of the car roof while you drink champagne.

Or enjoy pasta and Aperitivo at La Scarpetta in St. Moritz Dorf.
Pink sky over Corvatsch

This trip was generously supported by Rolls-Royce Motorcars and 7132 Hotel in Vals