Where it all comes from, LANVIN

JK from IRMASWORLD having a chat with Mr. Alber Elbaz, the looks of the fall/winter 2015 collection, backstage, after the show everything is well packed and taken away to the showrooms, ready to order, current looks of the ready-to-wear collection

PARIS: The defilée was short this time but extremely to the point. In this short amount of time I was taken on a journey, a journey to some place I was happy to be part of. That is how everyone felt who saw Lanvin last night. When we finally arrived I had a quick chat after the défilée with Alber Elbaz who explains it all.

IRMA: What journey did you take us on?

A.E: The nicest journeys are the ones where we do not know the destination. It could be also a travel into the inside of oneself.

IRMA: What was the main intention of your creation this time?

AE: I was thinking of armory, all kinds of armor, but not the ones which are involved in war and warriors. It was more a uniform for an oratory, something formal without being too serious. I took details of scaffoldings but I took them into a different way.

IRMA: Where did your journey start?

A.E.: I guess there where I came from in Morocco, I got inspired by lots of details I was familiar with, colors, scents….

IRMA: What do you think about when your journey began?

A.E.: I think of color, texture and scent, yes, scent is very important. Everything which is far away, very far away and that comes closer, more and more. I would say, this collection is a homage to where I come from.

IRMA: What makes you happy?

A.E.: Oh, that is something I cannot say in a sentence or in a word, I would need much more time.

IRMA: Thank you, Mr. Elbaz
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