What we want in January and the matching books

January is not the most popular month. Make a difference this year and enjoy grey winter days because you have the best book recommendations on hand that go with the things you would like to do and want to have in January. Come with us on a literary journey that invites you to dream, broadens your horizons or just arouses your interest.


Left to right: MEDITERANEE / Edouard Fléchier by Frederic Malle, Yvonne by Ormaie, Paris, Sellier by BYREDO, ring by Swarovski

January is a month that doesn’t necessarily make us think of perfume and scent. Make a change and stock up on your favourite perfumes to wear every day. A warming scent fills the heart and lifts the mood.


Home-made cinnamon rolls by Greta

Choose your favourite chefs and cook their menus, from simple dishes to breath taking oevres, be inspired and copycat.


maybe Mykonos

Plan your big escape, the sooner the better. Why wait if you can start dreaming today. The research and pick of your favourite holiday destination is already the fun part starting here.


Vintage Prada bag and cardigan

Read a series and stay in a special world that leads from one thing to the other. Start packing your belongings and travel with Hemingway-.

Jasmin wears Cala blouse and Petite vest all by Irmasworld The label.

Have you ever thought of writing or illustrating a children`s book? It is easy and fun and takes all the boundaries to come up with the most fantastic things. Make it short, think of a character, create a plot and sketch a cover.

Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish

This book will let you see ornaments differently. Go for a walk in your hometown and discover oriental details and design.


La COTE Scarf by Irmasworld The Label.


St. Moritz Chic, Assouline

Take a warm scarf and head to a mountain destination. The best thing you can do in January, to get sporty and boost your health.


Jewels by Swarovski, hair ties by Irmasworld, the Label
Silvia Furmanovich, Assouline

See jewellery with different eyes and restyle your personal way of wearing jewellery. Be creative, add and select all the things that are personal and fun.

Chairs and armchair vintage with fabric by Neisha Crosland.


Chairs and armchair vintage with fabric by Neisha Crosland.

Get inspired for a new interior by looking at interior books, change one thing in your home, that adds a new dimension.
Please send us an email at info@irmasworld.com for more details of the chairs.

Olga Hanono: The Art of Beautiful Living


Bag by Hermès (other season)
Cocktail Chameleon, Assouline

Mix a summer cocktail and dream a little of the warming sun.
Cocktail books do not only provide you with the recipe but are fun to read and you will learn more about the favours that pair best together.

My home is my castle.

Entertain your friends at home like the great Gatsby, or if that is too opulent start with small dinners for four. Entertaining is easy and makes a heart-warming experience, especially in times like this.