Tracht, Gottseidank there is Vintage Love

We had a chat with Gottseidank founder and designer Jörg Hittenkofer who is creating in our opinion the Dirndl of the moment in his Munich studio. The company was founded in 2010 and puts an emphasise on the traditional way of manufacturing original Tracht.

Besides the traditional Tracht we met Inge Gandl, owner of Vintage Love our favourite vintage shop in Munich where you can find the biggest selection of vintage Dirndl and accessories.



Prada, Marni

IRMA: What makes your collection of Tracht unique?
JÖRG HITTENKOFER: We only use things and materials that we like.

Above all, we make a reference to the origins of traditional Tracht. Ostensibly we act according to the principle “less is more”, with a strong dedication to detail. The value of the material is the basis of our considerations.

The priority in our collections, we put on old-established craftsmanship details. These include, for example, our aprons, which are still made partly by hand. In addition, we have reworked old buttons and handpicked fabrics.


IRMA:  Why is Tracht so fascinating to your opinion?
JÖRG HITTENKOFER: Tracht is a fashion that never gets boring. Dealing with it and incorporating originality is a process that keeps bringing new ideas to life, thus keeping diversity alive.


IRMA:  What was the most beautiful Dirndl you have ever seen?
JÖRG HITTENKOFER: It is obvious that the most beautiful dirndls we see every day are made in our own studio.


IRMA: Where are you looking for inspiration for your new collection?
JÖRG HITTENKOFER: Inspiration is always and everywhere.


IRMA: Which styling idea do you like most for Wiesn 2019?
JÖRG HITTENKOFER: A skilful pattern mix, the return of strong colours and the authenticity of the product.


IRMA:  What makes a good traditional costume, which are things one should look out for?
JÖRG HITTENKOFER: You have to decide whether you want to be a member of a Trachtenverein and, so to speak, a regional group. There is much emphasis on clear manifested symbolism. In addition, it is possible to see the costume in a different context. We see the costumes as garments of an old bygone era, to which we want to breathe new life. The symbolic value lies here among other things in the craftsmanship and traditional materials and cutting ideas.




Vintage Love

This vintage store nearby the Viktualienmarkt in Munich is a treasure box for vintage lovers and designers from all over the world. In late summer early autumn, the shop transfers into a real Trachten oasis with the most beautiful vintage Dirndl and Accessories. We asked, the owner Inge Grandl about what to look out for when buying vintage Tracht.


IRMA: What makes your selection of Tracht unique? 
INGE GRANDL: Therefor that I only deal with vintage Dirndl, they are all in its kind unique.


IRMA: Why is Tracht so fascinating to your opinion? 
INGE GRANDL: I simply love Tracht. Every woman, no matter her size and shape looks good in Tracht. It is the perfect shape of a dress.


IRMA: What was the most beautiful Dirndl you have ever seen?
INGE GRANDL: Of course, one of my finds in a champagne colour with a petit turquoise pattern.


IRMA: Which styling idea do you like for the Wiesn 2019 ? 
INGE GRANDL: I like to wear a vintage belt with a unique buckle to the apron instead of the classic bow.


IRMA:  There must be many different trends when it comes to Trachten, which current ones do you like?
INGE GRANDL: I prefer the traditional Tracht, maybe with a twist, a special apron in a unique pattern.


IRMA: When looking for vintage Dirndl, what is the most important?
INGE GRANDL: I simple have to like them so my clients also fall in love with them. Unique patterns, traditional prints and of course still in good quality.

My trick of the trade is to hold the material against a window to see if the garment is without little holes and moth free.