TORY BURCH’s glamorous new home collection

Pool party by Slim Aarons, the designer Dodie Thayer of her signature porcelain LETTUCE , IRMA enjoying a cup of tea with her favorite cup.

NEW YORK: Yesterday, on my way to Central Park, I walked by the Strand Books kiosk and saw Slim Aarons’ beautiful coffee table book “A Wonderful Time” on display. Looking at this book, especially at the pictures taken in Palm Beach in the early 70s, I am always enchanted by the calm, soft-colored beauty of the setting.

This kind of nostalgic Palm Beach feeling of the ‘60s and ‘70s — colorful, laid back, sophisticated and cool — was also Tory Burch’s inspiration behind her new tableware for the Tory Burch Home Collection. She managed to win Dodie Thayer, the designer famous for lettuce green, natural designs in that period.

“It was always about lettuce ware—that is what Dodie Thayer is known for and I couldn’t imagine doing it without her,” says Tory Burch.

It was a fruitful collaboration and asking Tory Burch about the creative values she shares with Dodie Thayer, I can fully agree with her answer: “We are both inspired by color and nature and share a willingness to work incredibly hard for what we believe in.”

To celebrate the launch of the Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch home collection, Tory Burch commissioned installations from the British artist Bethan Laura Wood, known not only for her amazing installations and furniture designs, but for her eccentric appearance.

This week you get to see all good things together when you visit the Tory Burch Boutique at Theatinerstraße 44 in Munich. The tableware collection by Dodie Thayer, the installation in the window by artist Bethan Laura Wood and of course the latest summer collection. Come by, have a look and let green inspire you to start spring today.


Make green even more powerful and stay in all different green hues when setting a table, starting with the Dodie Thayer Tableware, green tablecloth and napkins as well as green candles in different sizes.

Just imagine eating everything green on green and copy the Italians who love their salsa verde for the Thursday before Easter or the Persians who enjoy their celery green stew for Nowroz or just create you own favorite mix of green lettuce.

Who says that tableware is only for the dining table?
I use it on my desk in the office for my pencils, preferably the classic green ones by Faber Castell, and in my bathroom to store and display my make-up brushes.

Can the green lettuce tableware replace a flower bouquet on your table? I think flowers are a nice completion for this tableware, or maybe just pistachio green leaves and fine branches to underline the porcelain.

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