The Winter Spritz

Can you imagine drinking an ice cold spritz with your friends at a beautiful outdoor place, let’s say the countryside, in front of a chalet, overlooking the mountains or just in your garden in front of a bonfire.

You can add some spices and herbs that underline the very natural flavour with half the sugar of any other spritz, Chandon Garden Spritz has no artificial flavours and no artificial colours.


Whether you like to enjoy winter outside or in front of the fireplace, maybe in reminiscence of summer and the sun that you taste with every sip from the oranges, 100% free from residual pesticides and purchased from a sustainability-certified family farm.

To enjoy this typical flavour of the classic Chandon Garden Spritz with a sweet bitterness of the zest of orange you can add more warmth and spiciness to the freshness of the Spritz, with our suggested Cocktail ingredients which you simply add to the ready-made Spritz.

The taste of the Chandon Garden Spritz is a soft mélange of bitterness from the orange liquor, natural sweetness of the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Semillon grapes grown at the estate in Mendoza, Argentina and the sophistication of the selection of herbs and spices which you can underline with the suggested ingredients.

Also, did you know that 100% of the extracted juice is distributed to local schools – as only the orange peels are used to make the Chandon Garden Spritz.
The waste generated during production (seeds, peel, fruit pulp) is composted in the vineyards.

We tried the Chandon Garden Spritz at our home and in the woods after a long walk with our beagle Polly. We added some ingredients to underline and also create our own personal flavour.


Next to the signature drink with a cinnamon stick and dried orange slice here are some ideas for more sparkle in your Spritz:

Just add a few more blood oranges and clementine to your Spritz. Not too much, only half at a time and let it run through a sieve so that only the juice comes into the glass. You can also add a slice of dried orange for more sweetness.

We put some finely ground cardamom seeds and a slice of curcuma root in Chandon Garden Spritz, added a hibiscus flower for appearance and a slight sweetness.

If you want to take away the bitterness add some Muscat grapes into your glass and don’t forget the cinnamon stick for a warm spicy flavour. Top your Chandon Garden Spritz with a Hibiscus blossom and add lots of ice cubes.

If you like to take the sweetness out of the Spritz, use a slice of bitter or blood orange, instead of a regular orange. Add some Thyme and cinnamon sticks, add some ice.

To get in the mood for Christmas, we added a slice of fresh ginger and some star anise and a thin slice of clementine. If you like the taste of star anise, pour some hot water over it before adding it to your Spritz.


This editorial was supported by Moet Hennessy Deutschland. Enjoy responsibly!