The Greek plate

Eating and drinking in Greece is all about combining the ripest fruits and vegetables and the freshest meat and fish into a perfect meal.

The Greek poet and philosopher Archestratus became the world’s first gourmet cookery writer in 330 BC and laid down the golden rules that still define Greek cuisine today: use fresh ingredients of good quality, harmoniously combined, and do not allow heavy sauces or herbs to spoil the natural taste of the food.

A trip into Greek cuisine is perfect for fall to boost your immune system with all the fresh fruits and vegetables soaked by the sun. Here comes our food diary first in Euphoria Retreat (read more), and along the way.

Lunch at Kiki’s on Mykonos starts at the daily salad bar.


… followed by fresh and simply grilled or cooked fish or meat.


At Euphoria the food tastes true and delicious, grilled octopus on bean purée.


Or minced chicken balls with sautéed vegetables and olive oil.


Healing water at Euphoria with daily infused water with rosemary or thyme.


Breakfast at Euphoria is a highlight, Tofu, scrambled egg with tomatoes.


A classic wherever you go, grilled octopus with fine herbs at Paranga Beach, Mykonos.


Just like the classic Greek salad with Feta cheese.


A typical Greek breakfast at Euphoria. Fried eggs on a nest of crisp potatoes, local sausage, feta, and olives.


At least once, fried zucchini with tzatziki.