The eclectic art collection at ISA Madrid

Madrid is all about dine and wine and, of course, design. There is always something new to discover in the city and the standards of gastronomic creativity in collaboration with an interior that appeals to the eye makes you want to come back again.
Visit ISA at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, one of the city’s hottest gastro lounges serving Asian tapas with a Latin/Hispanic twist. It features lush fabrics and unique décor pieces curated by design firm AvroKO and Luis Bustamante.

Paloma Fernández-Iriondo, an art expert and project manager for the hotel’s art collection, is responsible for the artworks in the project, which took five years to complete and includes around 1,500 pieces throughout the hotel. In the ISA Club, for example, there are photographs by Manuel Outumuro, who reinterprets masterpieces of art history by Velázquez or Picasso.

Photo artworks by Manuel Outumuro at ISA

A mix of bar (awarded best cocktail bar), restaurant and club with private dining area will make your evening spectacular and you will feel like you are in another world as soon as you enter the venue.
it actually has a uniqueness that sets it apart from the rest of the hotel and also makes it more accessible for the Madrelenas to spend their evenings at ISA. The design and atmosphere take you on a visual journey, which is especially emphasised by the fine Asian cuisine and cocktails.
Interior designer Luis Bustamente is responsible for the interior design and his main inspiration was to make people’s dreams come alive, even for those who no longer remember their dreams. The interior design of the ISA will make you dream, that’s for sure.

Photo artworks by Manuel Outumuro at ISA


Ceramic art at ISA


ISA interior by Luis Bustamente


Details that create a homely atmosphere


Glass art by Venini


Tapestry from @alvadorcidras_juancidras


ISA bar. Interior by Luis Bustamente


Bosa Table by Jaime Hayon


Jasmin Khezri from irmasworld. “I love the rooms in the older, renovated part of the Four Seasons Hotel, the former Spanish bank Banesto, which was converted into a hotel in 2020.”


Photo artworks by Manuel Outumuro


We would like to thank the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid and the team at ISA for their kind support.