Summer Living


MUNICH: I feel like changing my interior according to the seasons because it just feels right to make your apartment ready for long days and open windows all day long so the sunshine comes inside and makes you feel like being on a holiday even in your own home. Follow IRMA’S tips and get a huge effect with a little help.

ACCESSORIES: The easiest thing for getting a summer feeling into your house is the right choice of accessories. A pillow with a maritime feel or a lampshade in a bright colour can make all the difference. I converted my vintage Gucci silk scarf into cushions for my vintage garden chairs, which I place rather in my living room instead of my balcony.

PLANTS: In summer I cannot get enough greens in my house. I pick them up wherever I can. A branch with an interesting leaf or wild flowers from a meadow. The green calms my mind and brings a garden inside.

GOOD FINDS: Take all kinds of found objects from nature with you from your last holiday and transform them to be personal. I found these stones at the riverside of the Loire in France and painted them white & black to make special little objects out of them.

CONTRAST: You do not necessarily have to change your wall colour, just play with contrast and use summer stones and gold against dull shades. This lamp is from a flea market in Nice and has the perfect summer materials: gold, sandstone from the pool and some Plexiglas for a perfect gloss.

LIGHT: I change the light bulbs to a softer, yellowish light during the summer months because there is nothing more beautiful when the sunset outside is still noticeable while in your house.

INSPIRATION: Take out your favorite summer books off your bookshelf and let them give your home a fresh feel. Most of the time the colours and patterns of summer-themed books are a perfect match to the season.