Staying Healthy while Travelling


Staying healthy while travelling
by our health specialist Caroline von Saint Ange

MUNICH: I love travelling and so do you probably? The only problem is that airports, train stations and motorway stops haven’t actually grasped what healthy food is about…

The first problem is: Airports and train stations are places where you have to wait and quite frankly feel bored sometimes. And what do you do when you feel bored? You eat! At least I do. So no matter how many times you promised yourself not to enter a greasy food restaurant again for the way it makes you feel afterwards, you’ll find yourself all too soon sitting in Starbucks with a giant (highly sugared) caramel-chocolate-cappuccino-thingy in your hand.

The second problem is: On a long journey you actually get hungry, especially when it’s mealtime on a plane and everything starts smelling…then the stewardess hands you a tray of overcooked and reheated food with her gorgeous smile and suddenly you can’t resist and start eating. Big airlines have started to cater raw food as well, still you’d want to be prepared for all possibilities.

So since I’ve started eating über-healthy (and feeling great with it!) I’ve started a new packing routine, where I pack certain foods that keep me feeling satisfied as well as nourished properly.



– A homemade trail mix in a paper sandwich bag, with cashews, almonds and walnuts, a few pecans, raisins and some goji berries. Make sure to buy unsulphurated raisins and organic nuts (raw is best). You can also mix in cranberries, mulberries and dried figs, which are all amazingly healthy, too.

– Hummus in a glass jar, but be careful – hummus can be too runny and therefore you may not be allowed to take it on the airplane, so make a thick version.

– A small bag with carrot and cucumber sticks to dip into the hummus.

– Apples, oranges and bananas are always in my bag because you don’t need to cut them, they are quite firm and you can eat them whenever you feel like it.

– As for drinks: I made a pact with myself to ALWAYS drink water and tea ONLY. They are available everywhere and proper hydration is so important, especially on a plane where the air is very dry. Drink more than two litres of water on your travel and you will feel amazing, when you arrive. What do you think the models are doing?!

If you stick to this, I promise you that you will feel amazing even after a long journey and therefore you can start your holiday (or your work) quite refreshed!