Sleepwear. Too beautiful to stay in bed

Watch these Nightwear labels that you want to wear also at daytime.
Made with exquisite handcrafted skills and fine linens in a design that wants to leave the house. Nightwear is getting dressy and we can´t wait to go to sleep.


Jasmin Khezri from irmasworld in SLEEPER. ©sleeper

When I first saw the dotted transparent night dress I thought that would also make a great dress for the beach. Mira Duma, Emily Ratajkowski, Leandra Medine and Pandora Sykes among others must have thought alike when they took their night gowns and wore them as streetwear.

The brand was launched in 2014 by the two former editors Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa after one of them had a dream on Christmas night about her standing in the middle of a pyjama factory. The next winter Sleeper debuted with their Winter Collection FW14-15




Pour les femmes, © pour les femmes

This socially conscious sleepwear company was founded by actress and activist Robin Wright and designer Karen Fowler. Both of them had one straight forward goal: To create beautiful, and quality pieces while creating economic opportunity for women in conflict regions around the globe.

At Pour Les Femmes, they believe comfort and security are fundamental rights for every human being. When Robin first visited Congo and learned of the unimaginable struggles of many women in the area, she was compelled to create a product that would not only provide comfort for our customers, but also security for women living and working in conflict regions.



Three Graces Sleepwear, London. © Three graces

Known for their opulent and cool dressesCatherine Johnson, founder of Three Graces London sources the finest handmade cotton, linen, silk and cheesecloths from the foremost ateliers across Europe to create the ultimate vacation wardrobe of irresistible resort wear, swimwear and sleepwear.

Whichever collection you buy from them you will always feel comfortable wearing and mixing them together.



Loretta Caponi, Florence. © Loretta Caponi

Think of a the finest traditional, Italian lingerie and linen bedding manufacturer in Florence and Loretta Caponi comes to your mind. She is the queen of the piercing and dusting technique which has very ancient roots, as it was already used by artists of the Renaissance when preparing their frescoes. All her patterns are hand drawn on translucent paper and then pierced with a fine needle. A cloth soaked in a colouring solution is dabbed over the pierced paper. The pierced paper is then laid on the fabric, the colour passes through the tiny holes and generates the pattern that will then be embroidered.

Signiora Camponi is also well known for tailoring custom handmade garments, or “dressing” her client’s villas, yachts or private jets.