Six reasons for al fresco apéritif

Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch the last orange rays of sunshine for a get-together with friends outside in a beautiful landscape. There’s nothing better than combining the fresh air with a sparkling drink, some favourite hor d’oevres and a cake. Take your beagle with you and make sure nothing falls off the table.


Because the taste of sparkling wine is simply purer, more intense in a beautiful landscape. The smell of humid earth, the wood of the trees and freshly harvested apples reveals the natural taste of a sparkling wine even more.

The table is set with a tablecloth made of Pierre Frey fabric, Fleurs D’Eau from the Merveilles d’Egypte collection. Ancient Persia silver, antique plates from France and Chandon Garden Spritz.


Autumn shows its most beautiful side in mid-October, just before the leaves fall and the trees are still lush, orange and golden. The sight lifts the spirits and releases a lot of serotonin, which makes you happy.

Chill your bottles in the Isar River, no fridge needed.


We like to keep it simple and keep it as simple as it can be when deciding on a theme for your food. We decided on one colour: orange. To reflect the splash and the landscape. The menu was:
STARTER: Hot ginger & pumpkin soup
MAINS: Organic sourdough bread, with cream cheese and organic smoked salmon
DESERT: Carrot buttercream Torte, flavoured with orange liqueur.

Carrot, cheesecake with orange Liquor and dark chocolate


Choose a setting that provides you with almost everything you need. Fallen trees make great tables or benches, and branches with leaves protect food from the sun. Use foliage for your table and plate decorations and try to produce as little waste as possible. Pumpkins are great for serving soup or salad, and finger food is a good option if you don’t want to bring extra plates.

Warm light, fresh air and the sound of the birds and the river makes a perfect setting.


There are no limits to the imagination and the play with flavours. We like to add cinnamon sticks and cracked anis, a slice of organic orange or some freshly grated ginger to the CHANDON Garden Spritz A lime zest is a good option if you want a slightly bitter flavour.

Chandon Garden Spritz with Anais and cinnamon sticks.


Have a eye-catching idea to set the table. We kept it simple yet opulent with a piece of hand-embroidered fabric from La Maison Pierre Frey. It’s called Fleurs D’Eau and is part of the Merveilles d’Egypte collection. The collection was created by the design team during the closure of the Louvre, where they had the opportunity to roam the Louvre alone and gather inspiration. The result was a collection that pays homage to art and Egypt. The fabric features orchid flowers, symbolising the magical power in ancient Egypt.
The location by the river was a perfect fit, as it radiates an energy that harmonises very well with the fresh energy of a spritz.

Creating these moments, especially now!


A gathering with friends and our beagle Polly to celebrate fall and the good moments in life.


Orange was the colour.


Watch out Polly!


Keep warm with blankets, scarf and a proper outfit.


Actually, Polly found the place. Well done. Along the Isar river at Herzogpark in Munich.