Selfcare now

How do we age with grace and have an inner good feeling about our mind and body?
This question becomes of relevance , especially in times like this where self care is an essential importance.
We had a chat with Dr. Anette Binder and Dr. Ina Schumacher, the Munich based gynaecologist and founder of KLEOPATRAs TÖCHTER, a line of aromatherapeutic oils and creams accompanying all stages of life.

IRMA: How come that there are so many anti aging skin care products, but taking skin care of our sexual organs is not a topic?
DR. A. BINDER: Every day we protect our facial skin from environmental influences, dehydration and skin impurities by using specially selected care products. But why we don` t pay this attention to our most sensitive region of our body: the genital area. Especially aging women notice a change in skin feeling due to the decrease in hormones. The skin loses moisture and softness, small lesions destroy the skin barrier and cause discomfort.
Skin care in the genital area is still a taboo subject. Especially skin care of older women and the idea of still being sexually active is not in mind of most people.
In our surgery we see the need for women of all ages to be informed about what can be done to stay healthy in the genital area by using intimate care to prevent from discomfort in this highly sensible body region.

IRMA: What is the first goal of KLEOPATRAs TÖCHTER?
DR: I. SCHUHMACHER: Our goal is to create 100% natural products based on aromatherapy out of our daily clinical practice as gynaecologist with special focus on intimate skin care. The range spreads from teens to seniors.
In daily exchanges with many women of all age groups, we learn about the individual complaints, hygiene habits, lifestyle and therapy requirements of modern women in every phase of life. So it was our intention to offer natural, hormone-free feel-good products with a lasting effect and always produce them in fresh manufacturing quality. Adapted to the individual needs of women combined with medical expertise, products such as “Linda Intensivpflege,” Fresca Frischespray “,” Diva Gesichtspflege ” and ” Dorma Schlafspray”are effective, natural companions for e.g. climacteric complaints such as sleep disorders, hot flashes, dry, mature or stressed skin.


IRMA: How can you balance your mood quickly when on the go. Is there a trick to use during the day?
DR. A. BINDER: Bad mood is no accident. Exhaustion and tiredness are often followed by imbalance and stress. A dissatisfied body is also a strain on the soul. Therefore, getting enough and restful sleep is the first step towards inner satisfaction.
So we developed a spray “Dorma Schlafspray” using the sleep-inducing effect of pinewood and other aromatherapeutic ingredients.
A soothing bath or a relaxing massage with the soothing oils of lavender, lemon balm and rose of “Calma Ruheöl” can also significantly shorten sheep counting.
As shown in studies sports, yoga and any kind of relaxing method can make an important contribution, to find inner balance. To relieve hot flushes, we recommend our “Fresca Frischespay”. It works like a pocket-sized air conditioner by using the cooling effect of grapefruit and sage.

IRMA: Is there a natural stress relief for women in a state of anxiety and anger? And which essential oils do you suggest?
DR: I. SCHUHMACHER: Especially in our performance-oriented society, in which women are required to be constantly present and function unconditionally with ever higher goals and a constant burden of proof to male colleagues, preventive measures against fear and anger are very important. You can achieve a natural reduction in stress by being careful with your body. Sufficient sleep, a balanced diet and a healthy amount of exercise and sport are the focus here. But also the need to allow the body its own personal pace, not to set its limit too high and to accept breaks are important prerequisites for avoiding or reducing stress.
Essential oils can be helpful helpers. Stone pine, lavender and lemon balm, but also sage and grapefruit play an important role. They have a calming, relaxing and anxiety-relieving influence on body and soul.


Please find below our Oils, Serums and Sprays:

– By lowering the heart rate by up to 3500 beats per day, STONE PINE has a very calming effect on body and mind and also has circulatory stabilizing effects.

– In our “KLEOPATRAs DAUGHTERS DORMA / Sleep Spray” we use these advantages for a restful sleep.

– The mood-enhancing powers of LEMON BALM have been known for a very long time and are successfully used to treat premenstrual syndrome, characterized by mood swings, tearfulness and depressive moods. Because of these beneficial effects, it is also referred to as “women’s well-being”.

– In “KLEOPATRA’s DAUGHTERS Calma / Resting Oil” the effective ingredients of lemon balm are combined with the anxiety-relieving essential oils of LAVENDER and can bring the stressed body down again with a relaxing massage or a soothing full bath.

– For tired, exhausted spirits, we have combined the encouraging, euphoric ESSENCE POF GRAPEFRUIT with the circulatory-strengthening oil of SAGE to a freshness kick in “KLEOPATRA’s DAUGHTERS Fresca / fresh spray” – good mood from the bottle!