Ready to Wear Today

IRMA wears a tulle belt with a fur-trimmed jean jacket by Burberry Prorsum
IRMA wears a tulle belt with a fur-trimmed jean jacket by Burberry Prorsum


PARIS: Paris Fashion Week is nearly coming to an end and after looking at the latest summer 2015 collections during the last week, I do not see a reason why I should wait until next spring to wear the choice of my most favorite summer pieces.
Even if I cannot purchase the collection yet, I am still inspired by the style and look how everything has been put together. Follow my Style Notes and get ready today.

1. Wear tennis socks to bejewelled sling pumps, and if you are creatively inspired, bejewel your pumps with gemstones like Cinderella did (super glue will do the job), ROCHAS.
2. The Mini Corsage made out of tweed is a perfect way to wear a transparent blouse. It gives it a modern touch and keeps you warm and protected. Have your tailor make these bands for you with a broad elastic band in the bag for a perfect fit, DRIES VAN NOTEN.
3. Use your boyfriend’s rugby shirt which fits you extra large and mix it with your winter tweeds. Super sportive makes an elegant midi skirt super cool, STELLA JEAN.
4. Wear your chain bag the other way around and create a new look instantly, BALENCIAGA.
5. Work in layers and wear a tulle skirt on top of your favorite shift dress. Do not stay even with the length, it will flatter your legs, MICHAEL VAN DER HAM.
6. Put some feathers on your clothes. It keeps you warm and adds an interesting texture to an every day dress, ERDEM.
7. Emphasise your waistline with a black knitted belt or scarf. Black on white is a classic, and let it flow extra long, MARNI.
8. Do not give up our favorite pointed shoes during winter but wear them at night with fine black lace knee socks. This will give the impression of wearing beautiful, lacy boots, DOLCE E GABBANA.
9. A lacy shiftdress can keep you warm when you are wearing a white shirt underneath. Play with different materials but stay in the color for a layered look, ROCHAS.
10. It is worth to leave the house just with the minimum to carry in your bejewelled minibag as these treasure boxes are the new jewellery to carry in your hand, DOLCE E GABBANA.
11. This is not new but still works fine: sneakers to skirts are in high favour, especially when it rains outside, BURBERRY PRORSUM.
12. Mix up your brocades as shiny as it gets, gold and metallics will be the new black, LANVIN.