Rays of Light


MUNICH: Every summer I ask myself how I can look naturally tanned already time ahead before finally going to the beach in August. How do I protect my skin at the beach or in the city on a sunny day and how about make-up at the beach?

I talked to Laura Mercier, one of the best make-up artists, who has an answer to all these questions and a new perfect bronzer in her summer collection which is the “it” make-up box in my pouch this summer.


How do I have to prepare the skin, before using Matte Radiance Baked Power?

The best way to prepare skin before using MRBP are the 4 steps to the flawless face – prime the skin, apply foundation, apply concealer and finally set with powder.

If you want to use only the MRBP without foundation, then prep skin with your moisturizer and Primer Mineral.

Primer Mineral changes its formula from liquid to powder, so it is perfect for all powder products.

Can I also use Matte Radiance Baked Powder on the eyelids or brows? If yes, how do I apply it?

No, but you can use MRBP Highlight 01 under the brow bow.

Which must-haves do you recommend for summer when you are on the go?

The new crème eye liner. It is waterproof and comes in exciting colours like Cobalt, Canard or Violet.

The limited Body Bronzing Make-up instantly reveals healthy, radiant, bronzed skin

For the beach: which foundation, lipstick or eye shadow do you recommend for a beautiful, natural look?

For the beach try to look as natural as possible!

Skin: Prep your skin with your moisturizer and the Primer Radiance for a health looking skin. Use Secret Camouflage only where needed.

Eyes: With the Tightline Cake Eyeliner you’ll bring the focus on your eyes – with the Activator it’s waterproof! Eye Basic “Flax” is a great tool to brighten up your eyelid – and it’s waterproof !

Lips: Only the LM Lip balm, it leaves the lip with a shiny and glossy look. A little bit of Pink Diamond Lip Glace, for the sparkling effects.