Previous season

We like to take inspiration from older seasons, not only to combine new looks, but also because we love to hang on to some pieces that are worth keeping. Older seasons are like an effortless dinner party with old friends.

This is how we feel when dressing up with older season’s pieces, they always look easy with a certain nonchalance.
They show that you did not start being fashionable yesterday before exchanging your track suits for `labelled leggings`

One could compare it to old money. Like old homes with antiques that don’t match but are individually beautiful compared to flashy polished Logomania pieces that scream “new money to spend”.
Whichever is yours, we love the idea of keeping things and putting it back into our wardrobe after a few seasons again. The pieces seem to mature and maybe someday they even become vintage.

We like this slow fashion approach that reminds us to make use of what is already there and combine it with something new. In the end that to me is true style and individual chicness.

Be inspired by our older season`s edit and see what you still got in your wardrobe. Combine it with current collection accessories or vice versa. We love to build a sustainable wardrobe and value our cloths.