Plein Air skin by Hermès

Last week we had the pleasure to attend the latest Beauty launch of Hermès that brought us to the sea, at Baie de la Somme in Normandie a two-hour train ride from Paris. The latest Product Plein Air, a natural enhancing complexion balm by Hermès is all about revealing the beauty of bare skin.

The ingredients of hyaluronic acid complexion, for long lasting hydration, evening primrose oil and Baikal skullcap to protect the skin from pollution and white mulberry to enhance this complexion balm are the most important combination for this latest Hermès Beauty product that comes with a radiant glow powder and a radiant matte powder, as well as a specially designed powder brush and blotting paper in an orange box.

All items have been designed by Pierre Hardy, creator of Hermès Beauty objects, creative director for shoes and jewellery. Christine Nagel created a fragrance for this foundation that has regenerative arnica with an essence of sandalwood and notes of green tea.

How does Hermès reveal the beauty of your skin? By spending a day in nature, preferable on a horse at the beach. That was only one option besides beach sailing and a walk along the coastline.

The energy you sense when sitting on a horse is already a boost for your mind and soul and riding along the beach let you feel even more the energy of fresh air.

Best morning routine not only for you skin, horse riding at the beach.

After the riding excursion we had the pleasure to attend a master class held by the latest artistic beauty director Gregoris Pyrpylis who showed us how to use the Hermès Plein Air Baume de Teint with your fingertips.

A masterclass with Gregoris Pyrpylis, Creative Director for Hermès Beauty showing us how to apply the latest Plein Air Hermès Baume de Teint.

And how to get that extra glow with the radiant glow powder, take of shininess with the designed blotting paper, made of hemp fibres and adds some highlights with the golden, pink radiant powder.

Later at lunch I had a chat with Anne Marie Rodriguez, Beauty Marketing Director at Hermès, who told me about the very carefully planned steps of creating this latest product.

This light pigmented cream is suitable for all skin types. The shades take their names from nature or from the equestrian world and one single shade adjusts to several skin tones.

Not only did Pierre Hardy design a one-of-a-kind packaging for the house that speaks a strong visual language but also does the latest project Hermès Plein Air hold the idea of using the product effortlessly at home in the morning and on the go.

The packaging suits the overall look but is designed to be a more usable product for in between. It is not like the lipstick in your Hermès bag, or the nail polish bottles that decorate your bathroom. It is designed in a way, to use quickly and often in between.

That is successfully combined in the packaging design and ingredients as well as texture.

The Make-up team at Hermès for the launch of Plein Air.

It takes time to create this project and the result is an innovative texture from a partnership with a Japanese laboratory specializing in the sensory properties of materials.

A product that protects your skin and conceals irregularities you wish to hide, but it has the lightness and consistency to reveal your natural complexion.

It is interesting that Plein Air comes out after Rouge Hermès and Rose Hermès which is mostly about colour.
I think that shows the concept behind the entire beauty line of Hermes which is based on colour and of course the connection to the outdoors.

My shade is No 50 Palomino, a golden colour, a balanced, luminous beige.


I love to be as much as possible outdoors.


Lunch was served in a tent by chef Alexandre Gauthier, from La Grenouillère, a local restaurant near Montreuil-sur-Mer in the Pas -de-Calais region.



Loved the outdoor lounge chairs on the terrace of the pop-up venue in the dunes, especially designed for the launch of Hermès Plein Air.


Plein Air for all skin types and shades.