Please, a little bit slower.

LONDON: The easiest thing in life seems to be difficult at the moment. How come?

That is what we asked ourselves while having lunch at the Colony at the newly opened Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair this week. Actually lunchtime by itself slows you down, that is what I thought. I ordered Sole Meunière with Sauce Béarnaise and a scoop of pistachio ice-cream for desert. And while walking to my next appointment I had to walk slow and was happy to see all kinds of things that I usually would have missed in all that daily rush, so already nice lunch breaks are essential.

Actually, everybody feels like slowing down and walking along Regents Street looking up the H&M digital Countdown for Balmain.

It is more about getting time off that can be the trickiest thing as the social Media eats most of our time, but should it really do so?

We took some time off, just 40 minutes and read through Frank Lipman, M.D. & Danielle Claro’s little pretty book “The New Health Rules“ and the answers on how to take time off and why it is actually better for your health and your career made sense.

The book has different sections with some good advice that will make me change my cooking pots and my breakfast routine and lots of good ideas to pass my free time, that is absolutely necessary in order to find new inspiring ideas and creative freedom.

Although I have read a great deal about healthy living I still learned something new, or did you know that it is healthier to eat small fish rather than bigger ones because the bigger and the older the fish the more mercury it is likely to contain and why getting your hands dirty, for example in your garden this weekend is actually very good for you?