Perfect Breakfast for a Ski Day High up


ST. MORITZ: Trainer Jopo Pötschger has the perfect breakfast for a ski day at 3000 meters altitude: You can drink some coffee but also lots of mineral water, as coffee dries out your system, especially when you are as high as St. Moritz. For a high energy impact take some natural yoghurt or half fat fromage blanc mixed with oats and bananas, apples or pears. Do not use red berries as they push up the glucose level to high. Flax seed is also very important because it aids digestion and helps vitamin division, as well as grained hazelnuts which are also rich in Omega 3 fats and influence the good cholesterol.

If you cannot resist bread, choose whole grain with spelt and add some honey which has an antibiotic impact. A glass of fresh milk would be perfect as milk holds water in the tissue (another good aid against dehydration which can be caused easily in the height) and takes care of bones and muscles.

Don’t sit on a chair, rather on a large gym ball.

Put the water you drink always out of reach and get up whenever you need a drink.

Walk, take a bike, move. Don’t take a car if it is not absolutely necessary.

If you always feel tired in the afternoon try to book at least once a week a stimulating massage in the afternoon hours. Your system will get a metabolic lift.
Always train with your own body weigh and avoid machines which can make your muscles too bulky.

Train the upper and lower body equally with a full body split training session, you will be impressed how your energy will keep flowing.

Listen to your body, learn to let loose and take a break when you need one.