Patchwork your Style


LONDON: There is something about mixing it all up since the last seasons, and for the winter collection we saw lots of patchwork patterns, materials and designs. I would say that Prada gave the kick-off start this spring/summer with their untrimmed linings, their patchwork way to layer material on top of linings and by leaving the trims rough and raw. Suddenly a skirt, blouse or dress feels fragile and very modern.

The coming season patchwork means also to play with non-matching proportions (Céline), with glossy materials on classic tweed (Miu Miu) and a typical patchwork mix  we all remember: Similar to a patchwork blanket on our bed, so chic that you can wear it as a cape (Chloé).

Have a look at IRMA’s favorite patchwork styles and let us show you how you can wear it casual during the day.


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