Paradero. For the curious traveller

Paradero, a recently opened hotel in Mexico is for sophisticated adventure travellers who want to scratch beyond the surface to uncover the region’s true identity. Daily hikes, movement classes, surfing lessons, mountain biking adventures, farming instruction, taco tours, and other experiences immerse guests in the authentic lifestyle of Baja California. A day might start with a yoga class at the half-moon pool deck, followed by a hike through cactus-covered trails, and an afternoon private surf class at Playa Cerritos, one of the many world-class breaks in the area.
Here is a short list of what to expect:

A place that spans five different ecosystems, including the historic farming community of La Mesa,
Virgin beaches, farmlands, and dense cacti forests. Because of the diversity of its ecosystems, Todos Santos has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The Paradero Todos Santos, picture ©Yoshihiro Koitani

At PARADERO, guests live like locals, discovering the region’s distinctive culture, authentic culinary table and ancient healing practices.
Visitors and residents come together over unique events, excursions, and activations, hosted by some of Mexico’s up-and-coming artists, fashion designers, musicians, and other tastemakers.

While other hotels in the region look obsessively to the beach for inspiration, Paradero Todos Santos offers an expansive 360-degree perspective on the destination. A robust roster of activities and events—from ocean safaris to mountain bike excursions and clifftop champagne celebrations to “secret” beach picnics and intimate music concerts amid farming fields—encourages guests to look beyond the obvious and the everyday, discovering an exclusive side of Todos Santos that few travellers have access to.

Master Casita. picture ©Yoshihiro Koitani

Situated on the historic, five-acre La Mesa farming fields and surrounded by luxuriant cacti forests and the imposing backdrop of the Sierra Laguna Mountains, Paradero Todos Santos is a tribute to community and the natural beauty of Baja California.
The cobbled streets of the old town are filled with artisans’ shops, galleries, and refurbished haciendas. And in recent years, Todos Santos has surfaced as one of the most exciting gastronomic destinations in all of Mexico, home to restaurants, cafes, and other culinary stops serving fresh fish ceviche, sea bass tacos, and other flavourful creations.

Restaurant, picture ©Yoshihiro Koitani

Trading trends for timeless knowledge and ancient healing philosophies, Paradero Todos Santos is all about transformation of the body, spirit, and mind. Movement classes take place outside, where the health benefits of motion are supplemented by the fresh salt air of the Pacific, the warming sun, and eye-soothing sights of lush greenery and tropical flowers. Go for a yoga class, a heart pumping HIIT workout, a desert hike, or an invigorating surf lesson. Or simply hang back at the hotel—just being at PARADERO is a transformational wellness experience.

Hammock. picture ©Yoshihiro Koitani

Overseen by Mexico City-based POLEN, the firm behind the landscape design of the Mexico’s capital’s Google and Twitter offices, Paradero Todos Santos is an 80 percent landscape project, with a 100,000-square-foot botanical garden (home to 60 endemic species) at its centre. Ruben Valdez and Yashar Yektajo of CDMX-based Yektajo Valdez Architects were behind the architecture, while B Huber conceived the interiors.

Half-Moon Pool, picture ©Yoshihiro Koitani

Shaded by almost 100 locally grown palm trees and other endemic species, Ojo de Agua is a wellness oasis and healing sanctuary inspired by secret watering holes in the area. Treatments are inspired by ancient healing practices that have been passed down through the generations. The Yenekamu Ritual is an ancestral therapy inspired by the Pericú people (the original aboriginal inhabitants of Baja) that combines a hot stone massage and a hip adjustment that realigns the spine and harmonizes negative emotions.

Restaurant, picture ©Yoshihiro Koitani

Paradero Todos Santos brings farm-to-table cooking to another level. Just steps from the open-air restaurant are the on-site garden that supplies fresh herbs and vegetables to the kitchen, as well as 160 acres of farming fields growing everything from pimento peppers to strawberries and dozens of herbs that are used in cooking and therapies. Guests can watch as chef Eduardo Rios and his team make heirloom corn tortillas in the clay oven and smoke meat and fish to perfection over the Josper wood-fired oven and hibachi grill. Menus incorporate fish and seafood from the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, as well as sustainably sourced protein from local farmers.

Sunset at the Paradero, picture ©Yoshihiro Koitani

Shop apparel, lifestyle products, and one-of-a-kind creations at Paradero’s open-air retail space, set inside the Living Room. Curated by one of Mexico’s most up-and-coming fashion designers, Claudia TK, the constantly changing selection of threads and wares spotlight emerging and established Mexican talents.

View from the Sky Suites, picture ©Yoshihiro Koitani


The Bar, picture ©Yoshihiro Koitani